Corey Haim did not OD...


Don’t we all look like fucking assholes...

The Los Angeles county coroner's office has issued its ruling Tuesday on what exactly killed Corey Haim, and to be honest with you I was kind of shocked.

Pneumonia, not drug abuse, killed actor Corey Haim, the Los Angeles County Coroner ruled in an autopsy report released Tuesday.

Although the investigation into Haim's death began as a "suspected prescription medication overdose," toxicology tests "revealed no significant contributing factors" from drugs, the coroner reported.

corey-feldman-and-corey-haim-2Haim, who died on March 10, had been publicly thought of as just another drug overdose... a sad ending to a Hollywood tale becoming all too common these days, despite the insistence of his mother, hi manager, and BFF Corey Feldman that Haim did not die of a drug overdose.

Toxicology reports do show that that Haim's blood did have "low levels" of a list of drugs, including an antidepressant (Prozac), an antipsychotic (Olanzapine), diazepam (Valium), a muscle relaxer (Carisoprodol), a tranquilizer (meprobamate) and THC (a chemical in marijuana), as well as a cough suppressant, antihistamine and ibuprofen.

"These medications are present in low levels and are non-contributory to death," the autopsy report said.

But we- the people- were not the only assholes in this mess...

Jerry-BrownWho can forget the press conference of California attorney general Jerry Brown got in front of a bunch of cameras and used the death of Corey Haim as the springboard to launch his new plan to crack down on pill popping doctor shoppers.  Calling Haim "the Poster Child", Brown used the actor's last few weeks alive as an example of the typical behavior of a pill addict.  (To Browns credit, California state investigators did discover that in the last few weeks of his life, Haim had hit up some seven doctors to obtain prescriptions for Xanax, Somas, Valium, and Vicodin)

Corey-Feldman-speaks-about-Corey-Haims-death-on-Larry-KingFor Haim, the report publicly clears him of a drug induced death (though something tells me Larry King isn't going to be bringing Corey Feldman on to tell us all how right he was). 

But with all the doctor shopping, the long history of drug abuse, and the high rate of addict relapse, his death not having come at the hands of a long history of drug abuse is just a slight snag of the truth on the more believed story.  Despite having died from pneumonia, in the mind of the public Corey Haim ended up being just another statistic... just another dead junkie.


And that is really kind of sad.


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