Rush Limbaugh makes children cry!!!!

Rush Limbaugh makes children cry!!!  Or at least so go the claims of Amanda Griggs, a Green Bay art teacher.  In an email of complaint she alleges that the school turned on the PA so the children could share in the inauguration of Barrack Obama on January 20th.  But it is then that the children got to see the ugly side of the American Political System.

The teacher alleges that instead of hearing news feed of the ceremony, they instead got the feed being supplied by Limbaugh and his EIB network.  During the speech, Limbaugh could be heard in the background offering little quips and sighs.  These petty slings from the Far Right cheerleader apparently drove the children to tears, the sacred day tarnished.  On his show on Thursday, Jan 22nd, Limbaugh read the following email (email transcript found on his website,"Dear Mr. Bader:  My name is [liberal anal teacher] and I contacted you via phone message earlier today.  I just wanted to put into writing my complete and utter disappointment in your radio station's choices during President Obama's inauguration speech today.  I understand that Rush Limbaugh built his career around his opinion and commentary.  But I thought that even he would have the decency to honor such a historical and momentous event in our country's history.  I am a teacher at a middle school in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It was highly unfortunate that when our school decided to broadcast Obama's speech over our PA to our student population of 1,200, our administrators randomly selected Mr. Limbaugh's program.  My students were shocked, angered, and saddened by the interruption of what was a respectful event, truly the most momentous moment of their young lives. We spent the morning preparing them for the event, explaining significance of the day -- and what it meant for equality and our future.  Mr. Limbaugh could have and should have shown the respect the moment deserved.  I was proud of my students' conduct today, proud of the respect they showed this moment in history, and I was proud of their outrage at such an overstepping of boundaries by Mr. Limbaugh.  Sadly, due to your radio programming, I was also disappointed, disappointed to have to be present as my middle school students experienced ignorance and arrogance on such a public scale.  Following this day, Mr. Limbaugh has the next four years and longer to anyone willing to listen, for today we were hoping to take part in a piece of history without his commentary.  My students will not forget the choices he made, nor will I forget what your radio station chose to do on this day.  Thank you for your time, [anal liberal teacher,] art specialist, Green Bay, Wisconsin."The question here is not whether or not Limbaugh was wrong in his comments on Obama’s inauguration.  As of this writing, Limbaugh has the constitutionally guaranteed right to speak his mind about the in-coming chief executive.  He has a business to run and an audience to maintain.  And much like I, in an effort to maintain my audience will have to slander Mr. Limbaugh in order to get some cheap yuks, Limbaugh has to preach to his choir.  The attention here needs to placed at the feet of whoever thought it would be a good idea to have the speech played out on the Pas in the first place.  This is the 21st fucking century.  I like radio as much as the next guy, but I made sure I was near a television when the country’s first black president take the Oath of Office.  What exactly is this school thinking?My daughter has been in school for five years now and all of her classrooms have had one thing in common… THEY ALL HAVE A FUCKING T.V. IN THE CLASSROOM.  Hung up on the front corner of the classroom.  And this TV… it had cable!  This leads me to think that if there are such things as TVs and if the schools had an interest in exposing the children to a little bit of living history then maybe they should have let the kids watch it on TV.  Does CNN or CSPAN not broadcast to Green Bay?



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