Shia LeBeouf = Good Egg???

ShiaLaBeoufI39DroppedTheBall39On39IndianaJones39SequelI hate Shia Lebeouf.

This is a statement I have made publicly many times before.  Hell, I a pretty sure I have made it on this very site before.  I have hated that fucking prick and his battleship sized left foot for a while now... ever since the travesty that was Indiana Jones 4.

But then this new, edgy Shia LeBeouf showed up.  Busy promoting Wall Street 2, the usually engaging interview had no problem at all fessing up to some of the shit he has been in recently.

02226740-photo-shia-labeouf-dans-transformers-2-la-revancheLast Thursday, LeBeouf, while in Cannes, was quoted by the associated Press saying these not so nice things about Transformers 2:

"When I saw the second movie, I wasn't impressed with what we did.   There were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone... We got lost. We tried to get bigger. It's what happens to sequels. Its like, how do you top the first one? You've got to go bigger.  Mike went so big that it became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie. ... You lost a bit of the relationships. Unless you have those relationships, then the movie doesn't matter. Then it's just a bunch of robots fighting each other."

Wow... he nailed it pretty well there...

Shia followed that up with more refreshing honesty today when in an interview with the LA Times the actor said:

"I feel like I dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved and cherished... You get to monkey-swinging and things like that and you can blame it on the writer and you can blame it on [director] Steven [Spielberg].  But the actor's job is to make it come alive and make it work, and I couldn't do it. So that's my fault. Simple."

indianna_jones_5He went on to say:

"We [Harrison Ford and Shia] had major discussions. He wasn't happy with it either," he also told the Los Angeles Times, referring to the movie the movie that grossed over $786 million worldwide. "Look, the movie could have been updated. There was a reason it wasn't universally accepted... I'll probably get a call. But he needs to hear this. I love him. I love Steven."

It’s almost as if he never wants to work in that town again. And here I had taken him for the guy who managed to fuck up huge fighting robots and the triumphant return of Indiana Jones.  But he nailed it, with his less than flattering comments about the disappointing Transformers 2 and Indiana Jones 4... Right down to the swinging monkey armies.

And for that (and because Eagle Eye was decent), I will be giving Wall Street 2 a shot.


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