The Passion of Mel Gibson...

mel_gibson2A new wrinkle has appeared in the Mel Gibson scandal.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators are looking into extortion allegations involving Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-girlfriend of actor Mel Gibson.

"Allegations of extortion have been brought to our attention and we are certainly going to look into it," spokesman Steve Whitmore said Wednesday.

Sources close to Mel Gibson are telling anyone willing to listen that Gibson's lawyer met with Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators Tuesday to present evidence that Grigorieva, 40, allegedly attempted to extort money from Gibson to keep audio recordings secret.

And boy oh boy, something tells me I know what Mel told her when she gave him that offer...

Smile and Blow me!!!!

This is the second police investigation to have been started up during this ongoing PR war between Mel and Oksana.  Earlier this month, Malibu Hills police opened an investigation on an alleged domestic violence incident between Gibson and Grigorieva, who are locked a custody dispute over their 8-month-old daughter.

In late June, Grigorieva filed a restraining order against Gibson alleging that he struck her in the face, according to her spokesman, Stephen Jaffe. A court hearing on that order is set for Thursday morning.

Dishonest Cunt…

Boy, do I just love this Mel Gibson story...

mel-gibson-oksana-At first, I loved it for the pure shock value of it.  I mean, it's not every day you get to hear someone just totally unload on another human being. It was so over-the-top-the name-calling, the screaming, the constant demand for blow jobs-that it quickly went from embarrassing and frightening audio to the comedic performance of a lifetime. I mean let's be honest... this shit is fucking hysterical.

But as I chuckled like a schoolboy at the hyperventilation's and indignant tones of the off his rocker Aussie, deep down I knew there was more to the story than just another irrational celebrity growing and ego fueled tantrum.

No one-not even a bat shit insane-gets this freaking angry for no reason.  I found myself really burning calories trying to break the code within those bellows of “cunt” and “whore’ to find the soft underbelly of all of this.

And finally-after nearly a week of research and thought-I think I may have got this all figured out...

Bird on a Wire…

It was all quite easy, once you got past the death threats and bravado. It is all about money, and something tells me it has always been about money.

Here's my theory:

mel_gibson320I believe that this broad and Mel had themselves an "understanding"; He made with the financial backing for her music career and the “modest’ lifestyle she is accustomed to so long as she made with the blow jobs whenever Mel undid his fly.

But Mel just could not keep leaving his Oscar winning seed in her cum catcher and suddenly-thanks to a misplaced load-his “kept whore “ became the mother of his child, drastically altering the terms of their "understanding".

All of a sudden, all the money Mel was throwing around was no longer the gifts of a lover but now the responsibilities of a baby daddy.

And something tells me that the last thing Mel wants to do is give this cunt a fucking dime.

So she tried to set a trap, recording Mel during a few of his all too common tirades (no way a rookie uses “cunt” like that) and reportedly asked the actor for a paltry $10 million to keep the tape hush-hush.

Obviously, Mel didn't take her up on her offer...

No, something tells me that Mel don't like anyone telling them what to do… let alone this two dollar Russian whore… and her offer was met with a loud and forceful “go fuck yourself’.

Enter Radaronline…

Somehow someone makes these tapes to  available to Radaronline (for a pretty penny I'm sure), who in turn has spent the past week trickling out seven minutes samplings of the madness that is Mel Gibson and whammo!

Instant scandal!

Parting thought…

That’s my theory, in a nutshell.

the-road-warrior-mel-gibsonBigger question in all of this is whether or not it will affect Mel’s ability to earn. 

The only thing I know for sure about that is that somewhere in Australia, George Miller is doing back flips. With two Mad Max movies said to be in production, the news of Gibson's meltdown and subsequent affordability must've been like sweet music to his ears.


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