Teen Mom's Amber has kid taken away...

Amber-Teen-MomAmber Portwood, one of the four girls starring in MTV's runaway train wreck Teen Mom, has had her baby taken away.

According to RadarOnline, Portwood and ex-fiancé Gary Shirley appeared in an Anderson, Indiana courtroom on Tuesday November 23, 2010 for an emergency child placement hearing regarding the wellbeing of the couple's two year old child, Leah.

The child was deemed by the Court to be a "ward of the state" and, with court supervision, would be allowed to reside with amber-kid-cryShirley.

Under Indiana law, a "ward of the state" is an adult or child whose guardianship is determined by a judge, who appoints a government agency to oversee the child's affairs.

It will be the job of the Indiana Department of Child Services to observe Portwood's contact (an hour a week per order of the court) with her daughter, Leah, and report her progress and report it back to the court for further judgment.



For those scratching their heads wondering why the courts stepping in on the behalf of some poor kid brought into this world through the all too common practice of poor white trash indiscriminately breeding is in any way news, a little back story...

Amber is one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom, a show chronicling the lives of three teenaged single parents. 

After last season, Amber found herself in a bit of legal trouble.

Repeated clips (like the one featured above) of Portwood slapping, punching, and kicking then fiancé Gary Shirley in front of their daughter was enough for local law enforcement to charge Portwood with two felony counts ad one misdemeanor count of domestic violence and battery.  If convicted, Amber could face up to three years in jail and $10,000 in fines... not to mention the loss of custody of her daughter.

Nero played the fiddle...


Ironic, isn't it...

I'm sure when she was told by MTV that she would be one of the four girls that would be featured on Teen Mom, I am sure there is a part in Amber's mind that really felt like this was going to be her ticket out of whatever white trash fate she had carved out for herself.

And now, that once saving grace is turning out to be the thing that will ultimately bring her down.

Going into the most recent series, I was feeling rather bad for Amber.

Season one had left us with a vision of Amber that just broke the heart.

Amber_Portwood_Gary_Shirley_Oct11newsneSaddled with a worthless fiancé and coming to grips with not only her personal limitations but also those imposed upon her by the existence of her daughter, we were left with a girl with dwindling options and fading hopes.

But season two of the series gave us different Amber.

Thinner, brasher, and really resenting the shit out of philandering Gary (who in the season premier admitted to having an affair with an uglier version of Amber he met at Wal-Mart.), Amber was on fire.

And who could blame her???

But instead of wanting to change her diminishing future, she steered into it.

She lashed out at Gary for ruining her life... at Leah for existing.

She dated some convict (who I also believe she met at Wal-Mart) to get past the trauma of having to climb on top of that sweaty mess (something tells me Gary had a distinct smell of cured meat and asshole) night after nightmarish night....

TeenMomAmberChoke11 (1)

And yes, on a couple of occasions she may have slapped, kicked, choked, punched, and pushed Gary.

But I never blamed her for any of that... especially the hitting.

Who could?

Gary was such a hittable asshole...

Ambitionless, equally as dumb as Amber (though he did have slightly more common sense), and seeming to always need to plop himself down on that broken down arm chair in order to catch his breath every time he walked past it- Gary had nothing going for him.

And it is not like Amber was getting ay guidance from her parents, who according to the show were beating the trail to mediocrity down for Amber to follow.

What else was she to do?  What more could we expect?

300.ab.Portwood.Amber.102010Did we really think that the story of a 16 year old high school drop out that got knocked up by some 20 year old loser in some dying Midwest town was going to turn out any different than how it did?

She was a union strike away from living in a Springsteen song.

[Yet oddly enough, as horrific an existence as Amber had, it was not the worst example of human existence that the show features.  That role is taken up by Caitlyn and Tyler, the young couple who (thank God decided to give their baby up for adoption) that have the unique human existence to have her recovering addict mother married to his jailbird father who met while the two were dating.]


All that said there is something to be said here about the silent underbelly of domestic abuse... the kind where the woman is beating up on the man.

Think about it... if it had been Gary punching, kicking, and slapping around Amber like some lippy slave, we still would not have heard the end of the irresponsibility of MTV for broadcasting such filth.  But because it was some out of control girl beating up on some very hittable fat guy, it was no big deal.

No big deal until the DA caught wind of it.

teen-mom-amber-portwood-chargedHopefully this ugly incident is enough to jar whatever common sense this idiot has bouncing around in her fat, empty head and get het on the right track.  For her good and for the good of her poor daughter (who whether we want to admit it or not is currently having her fate of a life of mediocrity drawn for her by her mother's example).

But we all know it is not going to work out that way...

This stupid cunt thinks she is a star.

She thinks she is famous.

We are looking at the beginnings of a far less extravagant Brittany Spears self destruct spiral ultimately ending up with this woman trapped in a much too small trailer out in the middle of Bumfuck Indiana with a handful of kids from various deadbeat sperm donors.  Maybe a nice drug addiction or debilitating gambling addition to kind of round out the picture.

And all of it...

The ruined relationships with her baby daddy and daughter... the prison record... the negative press... the false sense of security clouding her judgment...

brought to her thanks to Teen Mom.


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