"Teen Mom" Amber posing nude for pics!!!

m218499942Amber Norwood woke up on February 24th thinking it would be like any other day in her life…

Sadly, she could not have been more wrong.

Within hours of opening her eyes, she would learn that nude photos she had taken just a few weeks ago for some unnamed suitor would be surfacing on Radaronline, sending her name back to the tabloid headlines where it had spent some time a few months prior.

The photos, undeniably featuring the 20 year old quazi-celebrity in various states of undress, were originally said to have been sold Radaronline by Portwood herself (which went along well with the sex tape rumors we had heard about the last time Portwood’s name was on America’s lips) until it came out that it was a former suitor of the single mother that had in fact sold the pictures of the internet site.


“Amber fancies herself an old-fashioned pin-up girl,” an insider(presumably the beau who sold the afore mentioned pictures) tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “She posed the way she thought a pin-up would.”
Wanting to leave something for the imagination, the 20-year-old strategically posed at angles that didn’t expose her most private parts.
According to the source, Portwood was at a friend’s home when the mood struck her to drop her clothes.
“She just wanted to pose!” the source said.


Friday, Amber told E! News that she had nothing to do with the release of the pictures at all, claiming that the photos were stolen from her home by a former “friend”.

"I've never given anything to anybody. I wouldn't do that," she says. "I know 100 percent who did it, and I'm going to go after them full force."


(Something tells me she’s not…)

When asked by E! if it could have been Gary (her baby daddy and one time fiancé)  behind the photos’ release, Portwood replied:

1207-teen-mom-mtv-06-480x315"No, no, Gary didn't do it," Portwood says. "He wasn't around me because of the no contact order when I took those pictures, but there were a bunch of people who were and I'm sure I know who it was.”

And she continued:

"I want to surprise them.  Those pics were taken for personal reasons. I didn't send them to anyone. I didn't take them for sexual reasons. This is embarrassing enough. It's just weird. The person who did this is fucked.”

Sadly, this isn’t the experience Portwood has had with trying to keep negative press at bay.

In November, Portwood had gained some unwanted media attention when an Indiana District Attorney contemplated bring amber3Portwod to court on charges of domestic battery for abusing then fiancé Gary Shirley during the course of the couple’s participation in MTV’s Teen Mom (a show documenting the trials and tribulations of four white trashy teenage mothers.  It would later come out that the show ruined the lives of the four teenage participants but hey, that’s Hollywood…).  Basing his case on broadcasted footage of Portwood smacking, pushing, and choking the very hittable Shirley,

"It's been a difficult year, and I just want to focus on what's important in my life — my daughter," said Portwood, who recently reunited with Gary, the father of her two-year-old daughter Leah.


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