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Dave Gahan is a douche bag...


dave_gahanHow's this for a fun fucking guy?

Depeche Mode lead singer and heroine survivor Dave Gahan told a German newspaper that he wakes up in the morning at 4:15.

Why, you ask?

Well, the depressed lead singer of the most depressing rock group ever claims that he wakes up at 4:15 in the morning- the exact time of his cocaine and heroin overdose in 1996- to remind him of his good fortune.

"I look at my watch and know in advance what the time will be. I think somebody wants to remind me that I have a good life - and it's not for me to decide when it ends.  What I did in the past was a big mistake. I knew this instinctively when I neared death. Today I'm grateful I survived." Said Gahan to German newspaper Bild in order to explain his odd little quirk over the weekend.

Of course this pompous rock god wakes up at four o'clock in the morning to celebrate his heroin overdose and has some whacked out theory as to why he does this to himself.  Of course he does this to remind himself how fucking great his life is.  Of course...

Never mind the nameless ten he just got done savaging laid in a heap in his bed who let him have every opening for no other reason than he wrote "Personal Jesus", or the shocking depth of his bank account, or that he has not had a real job since before the 80's.

No, none of that fills the void.  Nay... this overindulged zilch has to have his Casio wake him up at 4:15 in the fucking morning so he can have his life validated.  It must be fucking great to have his life...


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