Slumdog kid's dad tried to sell her...

Rubina and her father Rafiq 

In the day and age where it is in vogue for wealthy American celebrities to travel the world buying brown babies to go with what they are wearing, this man should be celebrated for his brilliance, not scorned for his tactlessness.  My friends let me tell you about Rafiq Qureshi.

Rafiq Qureshi, the father of Rubina Ali- one of the child stars in last year's Oscar winning smash Slumdog Millionaire- is putting his daughter for sale.  And the asking price for a budding child star???  A paltry 200,000 pounds. (Or several millions in Rupees).

Qureshi blames Hollywood for his daughter being sold like a piece of meat, claiming that while Slumdog made tens of millions since its release, he (and his family) have not made anything.  "I have to consider what is best for me, my family, and for Rubina's future... We got nothing out of the film!" 

Rubinaand her familyWhile the idea of selling a child does upset our Western civilities, who are we to judge?  This is a part of the world where selling of children (or trading them for livestock) is not that uncommon.  This poor bastard has nothing in life... nothing, that is, except for a daughter that was featured in a popular movie that is.   And who is to say that the young girl would not be benefit from being sold to someone who could offer her a better and brighter future?  Or at least one not filled with starvation, pestilence, and hopelessness that the ghetto she currently calls home can provide.

Americans fascinate me sometimes.  So quick to take away civil liberties in the best interest of the upbringing of children; yet when some poor 3rd world fucker tries to sell one of his kids into a better life and he's the selfish prick.  Sure, the statistics will show that a lot of these "sold children" will end up part of a sex ring or doing some sort of inhuman labor, but there is still that glimmer of a chance that the child might be adopted by Madonna or Angelina Jolie and hit life's lotto (so to speak).  Like the old saying goes: Shoot for the moons, worst thing that happens is that you land in the stars.

So lower those judgmental glances, America.  Worry not about lil' Rubina, for as her ever so concerned uncle claimed "This is not an ordinary child.  This is an Oscar child."  But should you want to do more about children being sold, then please to be checking out my EBay account: PeacenQuiet347.  Running a hell of a deal on two preteens...


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