Safe home, Bea Arthur


Bea Arthur, 1922-2009What's the difference between Bea Arthur and an old leather shoe?  You would eat the leather shoe if you had to.

That joke, synonymous with bad humor, has finally become in bad taste as Bea Arthur- comedian, actress, and faux drag queen- has died at 86.  In other news, Betty White is doing pushups in her front yard, telling the Grim Reaper to lick it.

The Golden GirlsBea Arthur, best known for her roles as TV's "Maude" in Maude and as "Dorothy" on The Golden Girls, has died of cancer of 86.  Arthur family spokesman Dan Watts tells reporters that Arthur died in her home surrounded by her family.  God speed Bea Arthur.

Of course, and only because we all know that the Grim Reaper likes to do things in threes, the Constitutional is currently having Betty White and Rue McClanahan under close watch in case God decided he wants to have a Golden Girl reunion party.


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