Tape released of Mel Gibson being a racist...

mel_gibson_2Radaronline released audio they claim is of Mel Gibson bitching out his ex-girlfriend/baby mama Oksana Grigorieva. 

Grigorieva’s people have confirmed that the female voice in the recording is that of Oksana. Gibson has not commented publicly on the matter as of yet.

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The saga of Gary Coleman...

gary-colemanWho would have thought that the "accidental" death of a curmudgeonly former child star that had faded into obscurity would have caused such controversy...?

According to a death certificate released to the press on June 14, Coleman died on May 28 due to an accidental fall in the former star's home on May 26.

Unfortunately for the memory of Gary Coleman though, this case is far from an open and shut slam dunk as the surfacing of Gary Coleman's living will might have gummed up the works just a bit in this oddly messy case.

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Woody wants a dic(tator)...

woodyI know no one has ever accused Woody Allen of being a smart guy.

Sure, once upon a time the guy brought the world Annie Hall and people threw the "genius" word around.  But since then, Woody has been more creep that genius, what with his adopted daughter fucking and recent string of shit movies.

His recent comments only solidify this thought:

”...Obama should be dictator..."

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Elvis Potato Head...

white-elvisLooks like Lisa Marie has found the next great way to ring out another couple of million out of her father's legacy.

Ladies and gentlemen, in give you Tater Presley...

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Bristol's payday...

86296_bristol-palin-at-the-republican-national-conventionWho said a girl won't get nothing but a bad reputation for spreading her legs...

Bristol Palin, the most recognizable teenaged single mom in America, is apparently demanding a speaking fee ranging between $15-30,000.

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