Tara Reid Playboy cover revealed!!!!

  Tara Reid

In October, we at the Constitutional warned you of Playboy Magazine's threat to unveil to the world Tara Reid's naked body (yes, again, we are just as stunned as you guys are to discover that Tara Reid is in fact still alive).

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The things we have learned through Tiger's saga...

Sad Tiger Woods   

The one thing that sucks about having a day job while trying to plant your flag in the new frontier that is the "New Media" is that sometimes the gig that pays gets in the way on the gig that your heart is all in on (though thanks to the fine people of Estonia which are making The Weekly Constitutional the up and coming site there).  And for the past week or so I have had a burning desire to comment on things, but alas when the mortgage is due and your car's engine explodes one must prioritize.  But now, free and clear, let's talk Tiger people...

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A Theory on the whole Tiger Woods thing (before we put this mess to bed...)


tiger-woods-cryingSo today I was pondering on things, as I am apt to do while sitting in the bumper to bumper Hell that is my commute to my day job (cause as of yet, I have not been able to take over the internet let alone the world).  My mind (due to the mindless chatter of the morning show buzzing from my speakers) keeps bouncing on the whole mess with Tiger Woods.  See, I think I came up with a theory...

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Marilyn Monroe smoking a joint!!!


Marilyn MonroeApparently JFK was not the only contraband to be graced with Marilyn Monroe's lips...

A home video surfaced last week showing Marilyn smoking what appears to be a joint while hanging out with some friends in the late 50s.

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Tiger's Troubles...


If you would have asked me a week ago to change lives with Tiger Woods, it would have been a slam dunk no brainer.  To be an insanely talented and beloved athlete known the world over, laying at the top of his game, with more money than God, and a HOT Nordic trophy wife completely head over heels for him... who would have said no?

But that, my friends, was a week ago...

And Lordy, oh how do things change in a week...

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What Do You Think

Gay Marriage....

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