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I. Heat waves, pole shifts, and why school is important...


I have the good fortune of having a job where I work outside in Florida.

Typically this means dealing with brutal humidity, scorching sun, and an afternoon thunderstorm one could usually set a watch to.

But for the past few years, it hasn't been the case.

Angry_sunThe mind melting solar assault is there, strong as ever, if not stronger- believe it or not.

But the humidity and rain once synonymous with Florida summers have been strangely absent.

In their place we find summer after summer (which become longer, with the scorching summer days lasting 5 months as opposed to two or three of decades past) of droughts and dryness.

Earth-on-FireWe find a sun that burns hotter and brighter than it usually does.

Where once Floridians knew the lash of the hurricane's winds, their minds are now clouded as more and more the windy rage of God seems to be targeted at the Atlantic coast of the United States than the formally preferred target of the Gulf Coast.

And I think I know why...

Pole shift.

If I understand the concept properly, the poles of the planet are sliding.


Some theories have this as a metaphorical pole shift as the magnetic "North" of our planet relocates a few degrees off of where it currently resides (most of the "experts" in this field guess the shift to be between 15-22°). But there are others who feel the shift will be more than a metaphor for altering magnetic pulls...

And what if this changing climate is a sign of that...

disney-burnWhat if this change is being brought about by the planet actually shifting 15-22°, altering the climate accordingly?

Such a shift would permanently alter Florida’s environment, relocating the traditionally tropical state to a hotter and dryer location.

What if this leads to Florida eventually having the climate of San Antonio, as the shifting pole morphs Florida's tropical climate and marshy lands into a dry desert?


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