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stems-seedsThe collective world seems to have lost its shit over the past few days over A&E's business decision to end it's association with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson. It's not all that uncommon a thing to occur... A television personality says or does something that raises the ire of a loud screaming minority group, forcing the hands of the corporate task masters...but this one seems to have struck an odd sort of nerve.

Why is it that the firing of this bearded man from the bogs of Louisiana has drawn such rancor? 

It could come from the popularity of the program, a sweet family based show about a harmless Christian family, or of the man itself- a mirror of sorts to the audience that enjoys his brand of entertainment. Or maybe from a desire to want to finally push back against those screaming hordes of the Offended... The last stand of a put upon population tired of having to bend it's neck to the whims and cries to fringe groups. 

I feel the cause of the freak out is based more in the basis from which Robertson drew the inspiration of his rant... And the one neck that the Gays just can't seem to bend... Religion. 

Phil-good-bookEvery other group in America has acquiesced to the demands of homosexual acceptance... All except the major religions; their dogma proclaiming the lifestyle of the Gay an abomination that no amount of heart softening can seem to get beyond. It's the sole reason that there has not been breakneck acceptance to core issues fueling the homosexual rights revolution- marriage and adoption- leaving them just shy of the total "normality" of their lifestyle that for whatever reason they are pining for more than anything else. 

For GLAAD, this story allows them to hold up an examples of "Gay Hate"... The traumatic images of gays being battered by hateful intolerance no longer as prevalent as they had been in the past, leaving them in the lurch for some examples of unending social hate for the group. They see the disdain held for them by the overtly religious... Seeing the outdated words of the Almighty as the only thing keeping them from total acceptance in the suburbs and Middle America. But they are too cowardly to take on the source material on its own... Too scared to make their assault on what is the real enemy to their cause... 

So they instead lash upon the believers, usually too unsavvy in the ways of the media to defend themselves properly. It's smart of them to listen to that fear; an unbridled assault on the source of Christianity no doubt bringing together the various (usually at odds) Christians groups (not to forget the Muzzies and Jews who also see the Gay lifestyle as an offense to the Almighty) behind a moral and religious banner they can not choose to ignore. But, if we are being honest, that is the only thing keeping them from he table of "normalcy"... That pesky bible and it's disdain for the Gay.


And it drives them mad. 


Transversely, those pushing back with support for the duck call maker are doing so for the same reason- seeing their religious beliefs being shredded by what they perceive to be sinful creatures hell bent on turning their God fearing society into new Saddam... A nihilistic society lost in its lusts of flesh and pleasures, begging for the heavy hands of God's merciless smiting.  

ducks-gunsThey see themselves in Robertson... Crucified for public display simply for expressing what they see as nothing more than tenants of their own faith after being asked about it during an interview. 

Don't think so??? Let's try an exercise, shall we??? Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that this bearded duck trickster isn't a Jesus loving Republican from the South but instead he is a pro-gay, pro-abortion talking head on EWTN (the Catholic. TV network) and got run out on a rail for espousing his agenda in a publication. Had that happened, we would be lectured about the importance of differing views from the Left... How rigid thought controlling from the Right is keeping the Catholic channel from expressing a differing opinion, thus keeping the minds of the drones watching from ever thinking outside of those Catholic box. How this is discriminatory to make such a move- thought policing by a corporation insisting on making sure no Progressive thoughts are uttered. 

But because this man chose to express an politically incorrect opinion (in the eyes of the Leftist media), his firing was justified and part of the increasing tolerance of new America. 

 Which leaves me to wonder... is silence really  the sort of tolerance that is desired? The idea that no one can say anything contrary to the agenda of the currently politically protected due to fear of financial retribution or other such intimidation, doesn't seem like tolerance or freedom to me. 


It seems an awful lot like fascism. 



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