Ten Lies Millennials Need to be Aware of...

7914-lies-pcOf all the curses that a society can suffer from, Political Correctness may very well be the most insidious. Born of a desire to be sure that all peoples’ interests and histories are taken into account, it starts innocently enough… stopping this racial joke here, changing this insensitive term there. 

While it’s bad enough that this movement has rendered the last remaining baby boomers into quivering masses of terrified jello, this desire to whitewash everything under the Progressive hue has borne sick fruit as more and more of our Millennials (their entire education laden with this pap) are now only seeing this Nation of theirs through these sins and thus losing faith in it; tainting their opinions with the stink of historical revision that favors the Progressive agenda of the day.

And it makes me really sad for them.

7914-lies-millenNow I know I can't fix everything with some kind words... Some of this shit is out right fucked and it really will take a tremendous amount of effort and sacrifices by us and our children if we intend on finally fixing this nonsense... But I do think that there are a few things that I noticed that seem to weigh down the American Millennials in how they see and view their Country that, if sorted out, might leave them a little less glum and with a little more hope for a brighter tomorrow (you know, once that quote unquote "Greatest. Generation" and their no good Baby Boomer kids finally die off). 

So with that, I give you...


(That they need to get over, in order to have a better American than the one our Parents are leaving us with...)



1- We didn't steal the country from the Indians. 


We didn't steal this land from the inhabitants we found hanging out here long before we even knew this place existed... We acquired it the good old fashioned way that land has always been acquired on this planet... We conquered it. We warred for hundreds of years with the Red Man, their tribal civilizations befalling a fate that has met countless other societies that were unfortunate enough to come butting up with more technologically advanced ones. They were defeated, fair and square... And not without giving quite a fight as the inevitable crashed upon them. 

And it's precisely because of that romanticized courage in the face of the unstoppable march of history and progress that caused us, as Conquerors, to also fall in love with our nation's aboriginal people; keeping their tribal names and traditions ingrained in our own national traditions, history, and culture (and later, giving them tax free tobacco and gaming rooms). It cheapens their noble stands and heroic sacrifices (as well as simplifies the American atrocities) by equating the bloody process to simplified paternalistic views of the oh so much more intelligent Whites pulling the wool over Tonto's eyes because he was just a simple, stupid savage incapable of fairing better. 


2- We are a nation of immigrants....


Most of us would think this to be true, as every history teacher we have ever had went on and on about how this great country was smelted in the fondue of our National Melting Pot. And in some ways, this is true. Part of our nation's rich history is the way we have always been willing to take in those who lusted after a bit of that American Dream for themselves. And there was always a process in getting your name into this hat... We don't want to just let anyone in, willie nillie. Back in the day, for example, they used Ellis island. And in the 62 years that the footrest of Lady Liberty operated, it let in a whopping, nation building 12 million people. 


I know, I thought it would have been higher too. But no, 12 million people immigrated here legally (key word there, as it implied the desire to assimilate to the nation one is trying to join up with). Hardly a nation building number. It might be better said that this is a nation built on a mixture of the descendants of the Conquerors who won the right to claim this land and a smattering of those who liked what was happening here. 

As for this afore mentioned process (which should actually be made more stringent as we currently have way more Americans looking for work than we do jobs to be filled), it usually involves a screening process, perhaps a visa may need to be granted to initially get over here, maybe a declared plan upon getting in... I mean, that's the process both of my grandfathers had to undergo in order to come here... Same for the rest of their families. It isn't the gate crashing at the southern border or packing into a shipping crate and hoping for the best that we see on the news nightly. I know it sucks where these people are coming from, but it kinda sucks here too right now. Remember, immigration is meant as a way to freshen the blood of a Nation sparingly, not as a form of charity to the world's feeble and undereducated.


3- ... That was built on the backs of slaves and racism...


A tough one, as yes, there was a brief period of our Nation's history (and the world, if we are going to be honest) where it was fashionable to make forced laborers out of unwilling Africans. It was a deplorable practice that thankfully was put to rest forever in the United States after a bloody and costly Civil War that left the Nation broke, broken, and struggling for survival. The war to end Slavery nearly destroyed this country, and from the ashes of that ugly chapter of our history, a Nation recommitted to the ideals of liberty for all Men, regardless of skin color, emerged. Sure we have had our setbacks along the way... Changing the world is a hard business. But, as the dominant youth culture seems to be the Black dominated hip hop culture, the President and several of our Congressional leaders are black, and many of our highest paid and regarded celebrities, athletes, and business owners are black (not to mention the legions of blacks littering the various levels of the upper and middle class), it would seem as though the stigma of slavery has been cleansed from this land. 

7914-lies-racismAs for this being a racist country... To assume that racism is a singularly American trait is both naive and ignorant. Any prolonged watching of the World Cup coverage will more than prove to you that this is a world that relied very heavily on stereotypes. And these stereotypes, from time to time, tend to influence decisions. It's not nice to admit this, but we all do it to some degree or another (case in point, by determining that you won't get a fair shake by a white person because they are predisposed to hating anything not white, you yourself are stereotyping negatively on a basis of race, thus making you a racist). 

Now, if you were to honestly assess the racial situation in the United States, you would find that- sans a few pockets here or there found in all the races- this is a pretty racially tolerant nation. We have our hang ups, based mostly on the concept that only members of said race can address issues within said race because for others to do so would be racist. And being labeled a racist, be you a politician or a simple tin knocker making good, can cost you EVERYTHING these days. Remember, nothing good has ever come from censoring speech... Even really ugly speech.


4- ... That has gone of of its way to keep women on their backs...


We hear a lot about a war on women in this country, and quite frankly I really fail to see where these battles are... We don't stone them to death for dishonoring their families, punish them for getting raped, forceably de-clit them with spade shovels, make them to wear coverings from head to toe, sell them into sex slavery, beat them for serving supper late, or keep a pack of them at home like so many collectables to act as concubines. 


In fact, we might be one of the few places on this planet that goes out of their way to make sure any nation (that isn't beholden to the whims of Allah) stops doing this as well. 


So then they tell us that the American War on Women boils down to equal pay (which honestly tends to come down on whether or not the woman has kids. A single, childless woman actually makes more than male counterparts, usually because she is available to do as much work as her male counterparts, while the child burdened women are usually cutting out early to go to dentist appointments and dance classes. This trend tends to also influence hiring, which might explain why female resumes tend to get passed over. It's not right, sure... But it's also not personal or sexist, as the case may be... It's business) and contraceptives (or, more important, who exactly pays for them as there are no shortages of ways in this country to kill a baby).


5. ... And is killing the planet and each other in record pace. 


There is no evidence that Human a Beings are destroying this or any other planet. There just isn't. I know you have been told this, starting from Captain Planet during your formative years all the way through that wretched docudrama former Vice President Gore took home the Oscar for... That humanity is making the planet hotter and that the ice caps are melting and that hurricanes will be running wild like Hulkamania and so forth and so on. But rest assured, it is simply not true. For starters, the United States has not had a major hurricane hit its shores in years. YEARS. And the ice in the Arctic isn't melting nearly as fast (if at all) as they predicted that it would. Nor has it warmed very much, either. 

Truth be told  much of what is said by the fear mongering ecologists is a whole lot of hyperbole, supported by cooked books and scary psuedoscience contrived by Statist and bleeding hearts to separate you from as much money and freedom as they can in the name of Planetary Preservation that even they say will do little to stem this unyielding tide  (and that's with getting the entire world to go along. Truth be told, the Western world has the cleanest nations this planet has. For their plan to have any impact, they would have to convince the 7914-lies-violenceChinese and Indians to handicap their burgeoning economies with tedious and costly environmental regulations.)

As for us killing ourselves, a simple GOOGLE search can show you that violent crime (guns or otherwise) has gone down dramatically in the United States... In everywhere but one demographic, I might add, that if I was to mention might get me labeled a racist... You'd never know though, this listening to the President, for example; claiming that our nation has had an unacceptable 74 school shooting since Sandy Hook... A fallacy of a figure, and we all know this (given how much our national media loves a dead kid story). There have been some school shooting, yes. But the vast majority of those were gang related shootings (which really is something we should be ashamed of, as our inner cities slowly decent into anarchy). It's in this gang issue where we find most of our gun related deaths, though any observation of our Nation's media would have you believe no otherwise. 


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