Ten Lies Millennials Need to be Aware of...


6- We are all the same and equal...


The egoist in me has always rejected this sentiment. We are not all the same. Not in the least. We are all made up of the same things, yes. Chemically, atomically, and internally... The same spices go into the gumbo. But that don't mean they cook up the same way. I am not the same as Lebron James any more than the mentally challenged boy up the block is the same as me. It's why sperm donors have to submit paperwork and women used to value who planted their seed within them. We have different skills, challenges, limitations, and needs and it isn't bigoted or biased to take notice of them.  

As for us being equal... In the eyes of the law, yes (though any fool knows that it tends to be more equal for you if you have the bread to make it so when it comes to court). But that's about where equality ends. In every other aspect of life, it is perfectly Ok to apply merit as basis for judgement. A good chef is not the same as a bad chef. A good lawyer makes more than a shitty one. Pretty and attractive tends to get more access to things than fat and boorish. And so forth and so on.  It's unfair at times, but whomever said life was fair? All that was promised was that you would get an equal shot at trying, not succeeding. 

This also should apply to gender. There are jobs women are particularly good at. There are jobs that men tend to be strong in. There are exceptions to the rules, always. But these exceptions should be earned through the same system of determination, not a graduated scale that handicaps the candidate due to inborn weaknesses or perceived limitations (be they legislated, as with race, or implied, as with gender)..


7- ... Even the trannies. 


As I said before, we are all made up of the same stuffs and the only difference is really how we bake up. This is why I see no quarrel with my homosexual friends in their crusade to shackle themselves to a partner until one of them tires and they have to liquidate everything and start over. I don't know why you would want to eliminate the once swinging, hip gay lifestyle in favor for the boring suburban dreams that the breeders hold, but go for it. Live and let live. I say...


But this tolerance seems to end with me at the trannies. I'm not calling for them to be rounded up or anything... Hardly the case. But I am a little tired of being told I have to go along with every crazy whim someone dreams up just because it makes them happy. It's fine that you have always felt like deep down inside there have been a woman just screaming to get out. Go ahead, cut, shape, stuff, and paint yourself until you feel normal, my man. It's your god given right as an American... To let your freak flag fly as high and as proud as you dare wave it. 


But stop telling me I have to buy into it. "Gender Reassignment" isn't anymore a reassignment of gender as that jackass who changed himself into an iguana reassigned his species. He is still just much a biological human as you are a biological male. Sorry. I respect women too much to cheapen their gender down to just a hollowed out space that your hated penis once occupied. 



8- But despite that equality, we must celebrate diversity! 


Diversity is great when it comes to menus, and jukeboxes, and ideas. But when it comes to national identities, it's a bit of a different matter. It seems odd to say that a nation of rugged individuals achieved their greatness because of assimilation, but indeed it was the acceptance of the unique American principles of personal liberty and responsibility, property rights, and dogged self reliance that built this nation. Not the isolation of ghettos and ethic pockets. 

While we never want to forget where it is we have come from, once here it is important to embrace the costumes, language, and values of your new home. It's not only the polite thing to do, but it is also a direct pathway to success. Immigrants who learn English do astronomically better than those who cling to their homeland's heathen tongue. Homogenized communities tend to be stronger and more connected to one another. A little flavor never hurt anyone... It's what makes New Orleans, Miami, and New York such damn fine places to spend a few days kicking around... But a requirement of base assimilation is key if you want to a citizenry capable of fully participating in our great society. 


9-... Except for Christian diversity. 


I know they can be annoying... I have a few in my family too... But we have to allow Christians the same sort of freedom to express their religion as anyone else. Not all Christians are backwoods, snake handling, hayseeds convinced that homosexuals and the Christ killing Jews are creations of the Devil, or that scorn science and logic in deference to their a Holy Book. Most of them are well educated, have faith that science will explain the mysteries of the world better than the Bible can, and really just want to worship their deity of choice free of ridicule. 


And likewise, we should be able to chastise other faiths for their backwards beliefs, same as we do with the Christians. For example, we hear an awful how the Catholics are a bunch of unfeeling stuck in the Stone Age creeps for their controversial decision to not allow Gays to receive the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, yet we hardly hear a peep of uproar over the wanton slaughter or imprisonment of gays anywhere in the Middle East or Africa (just for the accusation being levied of homosexuality) because of the implemented rules of Shariah Law. 


10- Only through the Collective, will we ever get better. 


A concept easily dispersed by an understanding of history. Simply put, societies that function as a collective tend to stagnate. The USSR fell to this fate hard. China has been exhibiting Herculean effort to avoid such a crash. It's why Western Europe has been the same for much of the late twentieth century and why America is collapsing as we are. Societies don't grow when one half is pulling along the other... They only flourish when you have all the people, operating in their own self interests, are free to determine their own destinies. Put into play, these singular self interests combine into a driving force, knowing that a rising tide raises all ships. Of course you need Governments to handle big projects, like roads and hospitals and the sort, and not all the people are going to be going gangbusters all the time... But history has shown that when a society expects a Government to act as the bestower of the wants and needs of life, the only commonality that the people under such rule share is the collective misery that it brings. Remember, everything that a Government bestows on one citizen, it had to take from another to do so. 


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