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The conversation changes the tone of the scene, her lusty flush face running pale. I can hear Ashley's tinny voice coming from the other end, half sobbing as she chatters. 

mbe1-underagedrinkShe had caught the boys she had left with putting something in her drink at some hotel party they had taken her to. It wasn't her first drink there and given her rapidly diminishing faculties, she assumed they had already drugged her and what she had seen was the finishing touch before the rape began. 

She was crying and drugged and red faced; demanding Melissa come find her. 

Melissa curses but understands her obligations to this girl's current state and puts me away, promising we can continue once we make sure her friend is fine. We find her quickly, the hotel party not far from where Missy and I had settled to fuck around. 

Ashley goes limp in my arms as we arrive, her gummy legs giving out under her as she gave me an "I'm sorry I interrupted your handjob" hug. She was heavier than she seemed, so I walk her over to a bench as I worked out the next step. Nothing could ruin a nice night of nearly anonymous vacation sex quite like the vision of a thwarted rape, so I needed to move quickly. 

"What a bunch of assholes your friends are..." I curse at the almost rapist douchebags that had left this supposed friend of their in such a vulnerable condition (much to their own chagrin, if we are being honest, as it was them who initially intended to rape her).

"Yea. We know them from school. Just ran into them actually before you arrived," Melissa replied, rubbing her friend's pale forehead. 

"Lucky you that you had better plans." I say with a playful wink, somehow finding a way to up my stock in the face of near rape. 

She smiles, struggling to keep her friend upright, her body going limp under the influence of whatever drug they had dosed her with. 

"She looks pretty fucked up. Should probably drop her off at your hotel." I suggest, starting to feel the mojo of the evening go out with Ashley's consciousness. Melissa was about to say something when Ashley spoke up. 

"Don'tleavemeMelissa," she blurted out quickly as she faded back to her blackout. 

"I don't think I should leave her alone..." Melissa agrees, her tone one of disappointment. 

"Nodon'tleaveAshyalone...." Her friend again blurts, speaking quickly before vomit could determine where the escape route was. 

"But we were..." Melissa starts, for some reason trying to talk to the drugged girl into thinking clearly. 

"Idont'tcareifyoufuckhiminfrontofme. iwon'twatch." She rambles, closed eyed and collapsing. 

Melissa gives me an apologetic look, knowing this night had gone off the crazy rails with little way of getting them back to function. 

"I can help you get her back to your place, if you like," I start, hoping to test the drunken promises of her friend. 

"No. It'd be better if we got back to your place. Maybe got a few beers... Pick up where we left off..." Melissa replied, mbe1-katieholmessmiling her uncanny Katie Holmes smile. She even had a lazy eye just like Katie did, making me wonder to this day if I was too blinded by my obsession with Joey Potter to ever take an accurate accounting of that evening's events. 

I hail a cab, the three of us piling into the smelly vehicle. I tell him my hotel, asking him to hurry as the blonde was drunk and about to boot. He seemed to deal with this scenario a lot, barking tires chirping as he tight turned expertly through winding back roads until arriving at my motel. I pay him and head to the gas station next door while Melissa wrestles Ashley into my room. 

I buy a few sodas, a twelve pack of wine coolers, and an overpriced pack of rubbers and head back.  

I arrive at my room and find Ashley a bit better. She was still loopy, nodding in and out of conversation as she mumbles to herself, but she was talking at least. 

"I'm stupid... So stupid..." She kept uttering to herself, a little caked up vomit built up by her mouth as she lay sprawled in the bed. 

"Where's Melissa?" I ask, not seeing her right away. 

"Oh, she in the shower... I... Puked... It was gross." She forces out, her head heavily crashing into her chest as the last words dribbled out. 

mbe1-rollingI sit at this flimsy table off in the corner, starting to roll a joint. I feel a little tired as I finish rolling and carve out the remaining lines I had. I take the two thicker ones, dribbling a little water to chase the stomped powder through caked up passages. 

"Naughty boy..." I hear Ashley murmur, half out of it as she tried to up herself. 

"I'd offer you some, but I don't know what they gave you..." I reply politely, watching her collapse into herself. 

"No... No... You guys need it..." She gurgles, trying to lift a thumbs up from her noodled hand. I watch the limp blonde flail like a poorly operated marionette when I hear Melissa call me into the bathroom.

I get up, grabbing my smokes, a joint, and the phone book I had carved the lines onto, and start heading to the bathroom. 

"Thank 'ou..." I hear Ashley say as I make it past the bed.

"For?" I reply, pushing open the bathroom door. 

"Letting me stay here. My folks would have been pissed if I showed up like this..." She said before again collapsing into a heap. 


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