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I hear those words as I enter the bathroom, moist balmy air greeting me... Along with a towel covered Melissa. 

She smiled as I walked in, closing the door behind me. 

"For me?" She says eyeing the lines of coke on the phonebook before I can react to anything, grabbing the rolled up bill and putting her head to the plate like a seasoned pro. 

"Did she just say her folks would be pissed?" I ask, still registering what the drugged out girl said as I stood before a mbe1-behindbarsnaked one snorting lines of coke with me in the bathroom. 

"Yea, it's sort of a tradition. Been doing it for years now. They let us come and go and do as we please so it's no biggie though," she said matter of factly.

I bought her explanation, taking the bill as she offered it back and doing one of the three remaining lines. I hand it back to her, lighting the joint as she heads back to the book; a thick plum of cannabis smoke greeting her as she erected herself. She took a nostril clearing snort as she took the joint from me, going from one drug to the next without a care. 

"So are you guys here on vacation..." I inquire further, something about the explanation starting to unsettle me. She hands me back the joint, her other hand starting to undo my pants. 

"I feel silly being the only naked one..." She pouted as she changed the subject. Her fingers work nimbly, my heavy shorts clanking down on the cheap tile. She lunges at me, nearly burning her eye on the joint and she kisses my lips. Her tongue jabs my mouth, a faint hint of phosphorous on her breath from her water back home (it's an odd eggy taste that I have found to be quite prevalent with women from the Cakalakas...). We give into the lusty calls of the evening, collapsing onto the floor in a sloppy clap; my body eagerly worming my way down hers. She digs her fingers into my hair as I feverishly work my tongue and fingers, grabbing clumps of it as she pushes me deeper. She moans and coos a few things as I attend to her needs, but one of the catches my ear:

"God, this is the best spring break ever..." 

My blood runs cold as I recoil slightly. I push off her, working myself up to my knees. 

"What?" She asks, her naked body sprawled atop a pile of damp towels and dirty cheap tile. 

"We got all night..." I tease, hoping to not kill any momentum as I settle myself had I misunderstood. I relight the joint, Melissa sitting up.

"So you're on spring break?" I ask, taking a long hit off the hand rolled cig before handing it off. 

"Yea," she replies as she hits off it as well. 

"Cool. ECU? NC State?" I continue, mentioning the few Carolina based universities I could think of. 

"High Point." She replies, moving herself aggressively to me as she returned the joint to my hand. I tried to subdue her, thick soft hands batting off my objections as she reciprocated my favor to her. 

"High Point College? Never heard of it." I continue, pushing through any desire to lose myself in the moment. 

"High Point High, silly." She said, pulling my prick from her mouth long enough to utter those cold words. 

They killed the moment with the efficiency of a skilled assassin, my cock going limp in her hand as those words were uttered. I pulled back in horror, throwing one of the towels on the floor at her to cover up. 

"You're in high school?!?!?!" I said in terror, hoping beyond hope she was a really stupid girl working on her second or third senior year. 

But i wasn't so lucky, the naked girl sheepishly telling me she was a junior (but, as she said to me to try and pad the stats, she started a year late). I started to ask how old she was, but thought better of it; something telling me not knowing for sure might be a good idea should it ever come up (say in court). 

"Oh jesus... Oh god...," I mutter myself, cold skinned and limp dicked. 

"We can't do this... You're too young... I'm too old..." I said, shocked into lucid sobriety at this discovery.

"I'm not a virgin, if that's what you're worried about..." She bandies back, hoping to help me right myself with the whole scene. 

mbe1-jazilbait"It's not right," I hear myself say as I start to envision myself being perp walked out of a Carolina courtroom forever doomed to have to awkwardly introduce myself to my neighbors. 

"Five minutes ago, it couldn't have been righter," she said, moving towards me. I pulled away, her nude form starting to revolt me (the terror of spending a decade in a windowless box for animals doing much to convince me as to the wisdom of my new found chastity). 

"Five minutes ago this wasn't a federal offense," I really, lighting a pair of cigarettes. I hand her one, contributing to her delinquency hardly the worst thing I could be doing to her at the time.

"It's only one if you get caught, baby," she said, smiling lustily at me. 

She saw my resolve weakening, moving on me like a jungle cat would her prey. 

"And I promise..." She cooed, moving her naked body atop mine. I feigned a resistance, telling myself it was half hearted because of my fear of hurting the girl. 

"... I won't tell no one..." She continued, sliding along my still unresponsive body. 

"... Don't make me beg..." She fired off one last try, every ounce of my resolve pushing me to the Righteous Path despite every reason in the world to stray. 

I'd be lying to say I wasn't tempted, every cell in my body longing to give into her demands and requests. 

"Still no?" She finally relented, pulling off me a bit. I looked into her eyes, resolve crumbing as we sat in that embrace... A moment forever etched in our lives that needed to end as quickly as possible. I sheepishly shake my head no, trying not to look upon her as any passing glimpse of her would have been enough to sway the vote. 

"Damn it," she curses, pulling herself completely away. She covers herself with a towel and sits disappointed for a moment. 

"This sucks." She says, a slightly embarrassed smile tracing her face. 

"I'm sorry..." I start, nervous and scared and needing to find an out. 

"Don't be. You didn't know I was still in high school," she said, taking a useless drag off her smoke (noticing for the first time in the evening that she didn't inhale the cigarettes).

"I knew you were 21," she continued,making a generous stab at my age,"and I knew that I wasn't 18.

"But I liked you, you know? You're funny and sweet and talked to me like what I said mattered," she continued, her age showing more and more as she apologized. 

"It's funny," she went on, slightly chuckling as wasted cigarette smoke rolled out her mouth. 

"What?" I reply, half listening as I worked out how to end all of this. 

"You sweep me off my feet and give me just an awesome, awesome night and for some reason it's wrong, but had I gone out with the boys they say I should, I would have ended I like Ashley or worse..." She says, pointing beyond the closed bathroom door to her passed out, drugged friend. 

"They try to rape her and that's whatever, but you actually treat me like a woman... Like a fucking lady, and that's the crime?" She continues, the coke granting her an odd sort of clarity over the whole scene. 

We chat a bit longer, slowly getting dressed as we do. Clothed and a bit more settled, the pair of us exit the bathroom. I call the two girls a cab, figuring it being the best way to remove them from my lives. 

"What are you going to do about her?" I ask, pointing over to her unconscious friend.

"I'll sneak her in. Her folks are a bunch of old drunks. Probably fucked themselves into a drunken coma by now. Shouldn't be too big a deal. She'll be alright, right?" 

"I've been drugged before. She'll have a headache. She'll feel like warmed over Hell. But hopefully she will learn something about drinking with douchebags."

"Exactly." She said, the door rattling from a knock from the cabbie. I open the door, a dark smiling man greeting me. 


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