The Marshal's Road:The Song of Erik of Candar... - 7.

Erik could feel himself sliding in and out of thought, the creature damaging him more than he would have expected. He could hear his horse shrieking, kicking up gravel as it struggled in the shadows.

"What's... what's..." Erik sputtered, struggling to keep conscious.

"Oh, that's Roger eating your horse."

"But I... I..."

"It could have been you... Could still be, if you prefer... Though I would rather suggest not. Polliwog like to eat living flesh." Darby replied, his low menacing voice drowned out by the blood curdling cries of the suffering animal being torn to bits by the ghoulish creature that had bound Erik. He could feel himself start to cry, warm tears rolling of his face; falling into dust and gravel below him to be forgotten forever. 

He could no longer hear the horse whimpering; the only sounds left in the darkness were those of the polliwog sauntering back. He came into sight, hands and face bloody as he gnawed on purple flesh. He offered some to his companion; Darby quickly refusing it. 

"It was a good haul... Yup, plenty enough to get you laid... I didn't know you heard the joke... Yes I do think I'm funny..." He said, pausing only to let the creature banter back in his chatters. 

The creature chirped a few more words out, aggressively pointing at Erik.

"Well, that's your job... It is... It is... Look, I'm not going to argue. I bring them in, you handle the killing and stuff... You know it turn my stomach... No, I'm not being a baby..." They bickered a bit more, their conversation going on in infantile circles as they debated their responsibilities in the crime. 

"Just do it so we can get the fuck out here... Soldiers vanish all the time, but this guy people will look for... No I didn't know he would bring us this much attention.... Just do it, damn it. I'm cold." 

The creature finally gave up his debate, pulling out a chewed up blade tucked into his waistband. The creature lunged at Erik, driving the blade deep into his guts. It thrust and again and again, darting the rotund man's abdomen repeatedly with his knife.  

"Not the stomach, you cruel monster! The guy was nice to me... No need to leave him bleeding out all night writhing. Make it quick and let's go." Darby exclaimed as he dressed himself in Erik's clothes, a bit sickened by his companion's ruthlessness. 

The creature cursed at him, pulling his blade from Erik's stomach. He then dragged it across his neck, dark red blood exploding as it tore a seam along Erik's pink flesh. 

His head grew light as blood oozed from his throat, warm blood trickling out from the deep cut left by the polliwog's blade. He could feel Darby grab hold of his feet (taking Erik's boot off before doing so), dragging him along the rocky terrain towards a dug in embankment off the road. He rolled Erik down the side of it, sending him crashing into a bog of mud and rotting bodies. 

He took one final glance up, seeing the silhouettes of his assailants looking on as he slowly sank into the black, dark waters. 


"It's a shame," Darby said to his companion, watching as the dark waters made what remained of Erik of Candar disappear. His companion barked back, still gnawing on horse flesh. 

"No, I'm not getting soft. He was just nice, that's all. Rest of them pricks got their end being too distracted fucking with the caged sissy to notice you creeping behind. This poor devil got his sharing his supper and wine. Life's just not fair sometimes..." He paused, Roger replying in his tongue. 

"Think what you want. Still had you do it. Hell, I even let you eat his horse. We could have used that fucking thing to get to the Keep... I understand you were hungry... I get it... I get it... Look, you wanna end this little partnership?" 

The creature grew quiet at the sound of Darby's threat. 

"That's better. Now let's head back. I'd like my cock sucked, my belly full, and head swimming in wine and merriment before the sun sees us again." 

The two men wandered off back down the Marshal's Road, their shuffling feet along the gravel echoing for a bit as they marched along. 



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