Cletus T. Broshus & The Blue Ridge Beast: Chapter Two

CTB-BRBeast-logoFriends, a word before we get to the business... Back up, baclk up, back up... I cannot stress this enough..

That public service annoucement out of the way, The Weekly Constitutional is pleased to bring you the continuing adventures of Cletus T. Broshus, redneck, pot head, monster hunter… Only he doesn't quite know it… not yet… 

Our story began with a man named Lester and his wild and wooly tales pf lizard men and ghostly threats.. But it wasd his mention of a single name, "Cletus T. Broshus" that mattered the most to Darren, a paranormal investigator obsessed with the goings of at a massacre at a strip club a year ago in Florida. Not to mention the tragic ends of the Birchum men at the claws of a mysterious ferocious beast we talked abiout before... But more about that later…

For now, let’s sit back… relax… maybe spark yourself a little green and enjoy Chapter one of Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast… 

Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast 

Chapter Two:

The Girl Slingin' Que at the Piggie Hut



Six months later...

Darren was tired. He had been driving most of the way to Blue Ridge, one of the conditions Chris had when agreeing to make the drive up from New Orleans. He was the only one willing to make the trip, Andy and Steve still bitter from their last trip to the Carolinas. Darren was glad to have Chris riding shotgun; happy to not have to spend the weekend alone... Especially given his plan. He hadn't run it by Chris yet, knowing better than to bring it up to him beforehand. Better to spring it on him, he thought; knowing apologies always came off easier than permission. 

"I really appreciate you coming along, Chris," Darren said to his friend and brother in law, his focus on the road keeping him from noticing the light sleep Chris had fallen into. He had been nodding in and out of it for a bit now; the miles starting to drag as they neared their destination. 

"What was that?" Chris sleepily replied, started at the sound of his name. He looked uncomfortable, his wide, soft frame contorting itself into the seat as he slept. 

"Thank you for coming," Darren repeated, taking a drag off his electric cigarette. He hated using it, but it was Chris' second stipulation (and easily his most unreasonable, if you were to ask Darren). 

"See you're still sucking the robot dick." Chris noted, rubbing sleep from his eyes as they neared their destination. 

"Figured by now you would have told me to fuck myself, seeing as we are far enough from home."

"A deal's a deal, right?" Darren said, double checking some directions he had on slip of paper with his navigator's location. 


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