Cletus T. Broshus & The Blue Ridge Beast: Chapter Two - 2.

"This deal was also supposed to include barbecue," Chris replied. 

"Working on it as we speak..." Darren said, mentally repeating the final steps to their journey. 

"Heard this place has the best pulled pork in the state..." He continued, slowly gliding along the lanes as his exit appeared. 

"Great. Fucking starving, man. So we eat and then drive out to scout the location?" 

"About that..." Darren started, nervously, taking the exit and following the rest of his directions. 

"There might be a detour, if things go right..." 

"Things? What things? Why are there always things with you, Darren?" Chris said, his tone more annoyed than shock. He had already endured years of these little detours and side stories... He knew better than to fight it by now.

"It's just this one tiny, little thing... We should be able to do it while we eat, if we're lucky. " he said, pulling to a stop in front of a road side barbecue joint. 

"Pinkie's Piggie Hut?" Chris asked, unsure of what to make of the destination. 

"I lied about my motives for coming here, Chris; not the food. Lucky for you, the lady we need to see slings 'cue." He smiled a cocky, devil may care smile as he climbed out of the car. Chris shook his head in exasperation, getting out of the car as well. 

"You're buying me supper too, you lying sack of shit." He called to his friend as he trotted lightly, the hours sitting in the car making the movements more difficult that they should have been. 


The restaurant used to be a house before being converted into a barbecue joint. The redesign was more noticeable from the inside than out; the several additions to the building camouflaged by the brightly painted pig themed decorations, giving the outside into a more traditional restaurant look. But inside it was obvious the restaurant was cut within the floor plan of a standard American home. 

"Welcome to Pinkie's Piggie Hut," said the girl by the door. She was pretty and young and had a slight lilt to her voice that made the hair of Darren's arms stand up. He smiled as she greeted them, eyes creepily tracing down her young form until he noticed her baby bump (or bulge, as it were; the girl showing rather obviously). It drew him back a bit, the reality of a girl as young as her being as pregnant as she was killing whatever Lolita fantasies he was building up in his head. 

She escorted them to their table, handing them menus as they took their seats.

"Your server will be with you shortly," she said, starting to move off. 

"Oh, excuse me... Do you happen to know if Anne is working today?" 

"Anne?" She echoed back, slightly confused. 

"Yes, a Anne Marie Crosby... Might she be working today?" 

"Oooh, Dixie. Yea... She's working a different section. She a friend of yours?" the girl asked, giving the pair a quick once over. 

"One could say," Darren replied, butterflies starting to stir in his guts. He glanced over to Chris, his partner oblivious to anything else beyond the menu he was examining. 

"Ok, well I'll go ahead and pass you to her. Angie's fixing to go on break as it is... Better off keeping her light as it is," she continued, trailing off as she waddled back to her perch out front. 

"Ok, the girl is here..." Darren said to Chris excited, starting to glance at the menu himself. 

"What girl? The pregnant jailbait at the door?" Chris replied, not looking up from his studies. 

"No, Anne... Or Dixie, as the case may be... The girl I came here to try and talk to." 

"Is she a Facebook crush?" 

"No. Her name came up while I was researching that Cletus T. Broshus guy Lester told us about a few months back..." He said, muffling the name of Cletus T. Broshus as he uttered it. 

"This bullshit again?" Chris said, annoyed as he looked up from the menu in protest, his voice raised enough to draw the eye of the few patrons sitting near by. 

"It wasn't on the docket originally..." Darren back peddled, hoping to right his ship.

"Not even the reason we are here. But the other night I was doing some work on the Broshus hunt and a lead came up. Just outside of Ellijay, which was right on the way to Blue Ridge." 

"And this Dixie's what? A sister? An ex-wife?" Chris asked, his voice doing little to disguise his irritation. 

"Some chick who posts being places and doing things with a Cletus Broshus all over Facebook. Figured what are the odds of there being more than one Cletus Broshus..." 


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