Cletus T. Broshus & The Blue Ridge Beast: Chapter Two - 5.

Dixie paused for a moment to think. 

"I'll give him a call, see if he's interested..." She finally said, getting up from her seat. Darren tried to thank her but she moved off quickly, disappearing behind the kitchen doors to make a phone call. 

"Well that went well..." Chris chimed in, grinning like a cat as the woman hurried away from the table. 

"Probably climbing out a back window to go tell this Cletus two fat nerds from out of town are looking for him."

"It went fine," Darren said nervously, watching the door she had disappeared behind  hoping she hadn't taken things wrong. 

"So fine you're sweating through your shirt," Chris laughed, enjoying himself as his friend waited. 

"Tell ya this... If he's out front to kick your ass when we leave, I ain't helping you... Maybe catching a beating at the hands of this hillbilly will finally get you to leave this be, man..." 

Darren heard him, but played it off as though he hadn't, knowing somewhere in his mind that Chris wasn't half wrong; the image of some hairy knuckled redneck giving Darren a firm beating for being a nosy prick one that taunted him nightmares for days before the trip. 

She returned a few minutes later, sneaking up from behind them; dropping off their bill and a folded note as she gathered their empty plates. Darren picked up the note, unfolding it.

"824 Warcloud Path. 7 pm." It said, the handwriting bubbly and feminine. 

"He said don't be late and come alone." She said with a smile, walking away from the pair. 

"So I take it we have another detour?" Chris asked, wiping barbecue sauce from his mouth. 

"It would seem we do, Chris. It would seem we do..." 




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