Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast: Chapter 3 - 3.

Darren milled about their entrance for a bit, taking in the scene before venturing in deeper. 

It was cleaner than he would have imagined from the conditions outside; a few things left tossed around during the course of daily living the only things that seemed out of place. The furniture was old and mismatched, picked up peace meal as the pair came across them. The walls were nicotine stained and bare, lest for a single crucifix that hung over the front door. 

Darren moved over to the living room area, taking a seat in the arm chair. It was old and rough feeling and smelled a little like urine, but he sat in it anyway; feeling things might go over better if he left the lovebirds the couch. 

He could hear them making noise off in the back room... Not talking, maybe fucking... 

He tried not to think of it as he kept himself ready for whatever would happen once Cletus came into the room. He could hear them getting louder before finally quieting down, taking a few minutes more before he felt the rattle of heavy footsteps coming towards him from down the hall.

Darren felt a certain level of energy and excitement stir in him when Cletus finally came into the room, his worries of meeting the killer fading with each thundering step down the hall; building with each footstep as his anticipation heightened. He was almost embarrassed to feel his breath tighten as he could feel Cletus about to step in, eyes wide as the man entered into the room like a star struck girl who happen upon her teen idol. 

Just as Lester had described, Cletus was a sight to behold; tall and shaggy and troublesome in appearance. In the time since he had left Lester's he had apparently thinned and toned, his arms like two knotted ropes of tattooed flesh hanging off his thick torso. He smiled as he saw Darren, nicotine yellowed teeth poking out from behind a few weeks growth of whiskers. 

"Sorry about the delay there fella, but you sorta interrupted something..." Cletus started, his voice low and chewed up by cigarettes. He paused as Dixie walked behind him into the kitchen, her shapely body now covered by a loose wearing sundress. 

"I'm sure you understand," Cletus continued, smiling slyly as he gave her a flirty look before moving towards the couch. He was not as handsome as Darren had imagined him to be (especially once he had seen Dixie, who was rather fetching), but could see he had a certain quality to him... An air of masculine energy that would have had no issue drawing women to his call. 

"Name's Cletus, friend. And you might be...." Broshus said as he extended his hand.

"Darren... Darren Jolniki..." Darren said, his voice tight and creaky as he pushed it from his throat. He felt Cletus' hand engulf his as he shook it; hard, callous leather gripping his hand like a vice.

"Pleasure..." Cletus said, taking a seat on the couch. Dixie, carrying three beers with her, sat next to him. She handed Darren one of the beer and Cletus the other. 

The trio sat for a moment, quietly drinking beer as they stared at the other (with Cletus and Dixie occasionally sharing a quiet chuckle among themselves, most likely are Darren's expense). Cletus lit himself a cigarette, leaning back a little in his chair; days old clothes hanging off him as he sat there. 

"Now," he starts, his mouth billowing smoke like a threatening volcano as his gravely voice croaked.

"Dixie here says you popped into her work asking about me... Naturally, I am wondering why, being that I don't know you..." He said this doing his best to sound serious and threatening, narrowed eyes focused on Darren. 

"Well, Mr. Broshus," Darren started, trying his best to not sound frightened. He'd grown up around a lot of these country alpha male types, his formative years spent in a small town a few hours out of New Orleans. They were a friendly enough bunch overall, but they respected perceived power. Shaking voices and timidness wouldn't be interpreted as soothing or passive... It would be seen as weakness and rejected in disgust. 

"My name is Darren Jolniki-" 

"So you've said," Dixie said, looking up from her work of rolling a joint as she did so. She smiled as she said it, slightly crooked teeth grinning half baked. 

"And I am a paranormal investigator..."

"A parawho?" Cletus asked, pretty sure he knew what he meant but wanting to be certain. 

"A paranormal investigator. I look for ghosts and monsters and the sort... Do a show on the Internet... Unexplained with Darren and Chris... It's popular..." He said, trailing off as he saw Cletus gloss over, seeming uninterested in his explanation. 

"Ok, and what does that have to do with me?" Cletus asked, his voice again doing its best to intimidate. (For the record, it was working... The tone and glare emotionally transporting Darren back to Freshman year of high school, quivering as the bigger, older boy had his fill of making his tremble). 

Darren paused, nervous and shaken; the conversation not at all going along as he had play acted it every time in his head. Broshus was focused and hard as he glared at Darren, the man obviously disturbed by the stranger who had not only decided to bother him at home but had harassed his girlfriend at work in order to do so... In retrospect, Darren thought he should have probably sent a letter. 

"I-uh..." He stammered, caught off guard and intimidated; the larger Broshus' mean glare leaving him speechless. 

"Here, Cletus," Dixie interrupted, handing him the joint once she grew bored of watching this scene play out. 


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