Bad sex leads to bad moods in women...


stressed1This is something I have known for years now.  Whenever my fiancé seems to be losing her mind- either inexplicably stressed about something (like work or the house or something) or just a lil' blue- I like to make sure she gets a little ding-a-ling from yours truly because I know that it will loosen her up (not that I am sexual dynamo or anything... I am well aware it has everything to do with endorphins and zippie to do with the three inch flesh ninja).  But up until know I had no scientific evidence to prove that my penis is like a fleshy Zanex.  Thank God for quazi-science!!!

no-sexAn Australian University has come out with a report stating what I and millions of men known for years... Women who have shitty sex lives are not as happy as their more sexually satisfied counterparts.

The study, headed by Susan Davis of the Women's Health Program at the Australia's Monash University, also found that a myriad of reason- anything from busy schedules (thus turning sex into just another job to do), body issues, unwillingness or embarrassment to ask for what they want, as well as other factors- as to why women settle for such lousy sex lives (and the shitty lives that apparently go along with that).  The report interviewed some 300 women ages 20-65, about their sex life and found that over 140 (almost half) of the participants were sexually unfulfilled.

great-sexAs far as the actual implications that a lack of sexual satisfaction has on women is still unknown for sure, but Ms. Davis hypothesizes that everything from relationship strife to self esteem and depression issues  may benefit from these unfulfilled women taking a ride on the ol' disco stick (so to speak).