Let Tim Tebow get you drunk!!!!


Ydrunkou have heard of "The Love Boat" game and the "Bob Newhart" game (also known as the "Hey Bob!" game).  These simple TV based drinking games have been a staple of collegiate binge drinking for years now.  But they have one teeny little drawback to them... they are no longer broadcast on television as they are really old shows.

And being that buying a DVD collection of these shows in order to keep the good times rolling would be a big glaring sign of all out alcoholism; we need to come up with a new way to be told when to drink...

So with that, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you...

The Tim Tebow Drinking Game!!!!

tebowThe rules of the Tim Tebow Drinking game are simple:

1). Turn on a University of Florida game (this should be easy as the SEC is a national partner with CBS).

2). Get yourself a few of your favorite adult beverages ready (we recommend beer as the hard stuff might be the end of you while playing this game) and a few friends (ya know... so you are not binge drinking alone).

3). Drink every time the broadcast team calling the game says "Tim Tebow" (you also have to drink when they say just "Tebow").

40. Enjoy!

The game is that easy.  But just a word of warning:

The announcers will say the name of Tim Tebow a lot during the course of a drive, let alone a game.  So intoxication is very likely. 

This game is intended for entertainment purposes and is intended to be played by adults of legal drinking age.  Please do not drink and drive and remember to always drink responsibly...


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