Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake!!!!

wedding fight

I curse the Geek Gods... Oh do I curse them.

There had been in piece in my home these past few days, and My fiancé and I kind of hit stride and have stopped fighting about the different wedding plans that a couple has to make in the planning of a wedding.

But upon seeing this cake, I now know what hill I must die on...

Ladies and gentlemen...

Dead Tauntaun cake (with Skywalker stuffing)


Just look at this fucking thing.

storm-trooperThroughout the whole wedding planning process I have been getting this line of shit on how a wedding cake is a work of art, and it's because of the artistic nature of the baked good that I have to put a lien on my house to buy the fucking thing.  But that is for a pile of boxes with crème bows.

close-up-dead-tauntaunThis is a lifelike sculpture of the dead tauntaun scene from Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back, complete with bloated entrails and wanna be Jedi stuffed into it and all.  This would be worth the hundreds of dollars I am being asked to shell out for stale white cake and not so good frosting.

So there you have it folks...

The Dead Tauntaun wedding cake...


My Hamburger Hill...


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Gay Marriage....

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