Five Great Mustaches...

mustacheThe mustache.

The manliest of all the facial hair variations, there is just something special about a man who rocks a proper 'stashe.  A manly kind of man.

Men will awe after a man with a proper mustache... women will lust after it. 

It is because of this respect for the mustache, The Weekly Constitutional is proud to bring you its list of the finest of celebrity mustaches...

BurtReynoldsSmokeyBandit- Burt Reynolds

The quintessential mustache.  Reynolds’s upper lip garnish not only inspired an entire decade to give lip fur a run but to this day continues to inspire young men everywhere to give mustached living a try (it usually occurs after catching a Smokey and the Bandit marathon.


Sam Elliott-SPX-016102- Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot's mustache: Sam Elliot:: medichlorians: Jedis

For those of you who never went to college that basically means that the source of Sam Elliot's power is resting comfortably on his upper lip (think about it... No mustache in Roadhouse and he died.  Coincidence?????).  It takes a special kind of man to wear this particular style of mustache.  Total cowboy.

john-waters- John Waters

The yang to Reynolds’s masculine ying, Water's "Molester Mustache" conveys a deviant kind of lifestyle.  You never want to leave your kid with someone with this kind of stache (or your wife or dog for that matter).  That said, it is an essential if one is considering a career as a scoundrel.


hernandez-keith- Keith Hernandez

Never has a mustache done so much...

13 gold gloves, a World Series ring, and essentially his own episode on what many consider to be the greatest television how of all time (remember the "Keith Hernandez spit on Kramer" episode of Seinfeld?)

tom-selleck-Tom Selleck

Men would give anything to grow a mustache as perfect as Tom Selleck's. 

Selleck's mustache is so linked with masculinity that in order for him to play gay in the late 90's movie In & Out Selleck had to shave off the mustache.


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