A thought on Intelligent Design....

 mal-leo           Since the first man-animal was able to scratch into stone his first questions of life, Man has been searching for answers to his questions.  It is as though it is in our DNA to wonder what our purpose on this planet is.  We seem to be unable to disconnect our existence with a purpose, as though the idea of a random existence, the set result of a cosmic allergic reaction, seems improbable to our minds.  Man has to be needed for something.  But what?  It is these questions that have burned in the hearts and minds of Man since way before back in the day.  Man is a creature who is granted both the greatest gift and burden of any animal upon this planet.  We can think… or better put we can reason.  It is the ability to reason, or think something out, that has made Man the master of his environment… the top of the food chain.

            But how did we accomplish such a feat?  Our thousands of years of evolution have granted us the ability to live on any point of the Earth.  We can grow where there is no water, stay warm where there is no sun… hell, we have two Russians hanging out in a gigantic hamster cage thousands of miles above the earth just because we can.  As far as animals go, we are tops.  And it was evolution that made that possible… or was it? 

darwin            In 1859, Charles Darwin presented the world with a concept so controversial, it blew the collective minds of the 19th century to the point we still have not recovered from it.  In his theory, he basically states that animals on this planet have evolved from something more primitive; that genetic mutations are common in the animal kingdom, and that these mutations, when introduced gradually over a period of generations, can assist the survival of a species, thus making them more fitting to compete for a right to survive on this planet.    Those that do not mutate do not, in theory, then adapt themselves to the ever changing planet and disappear from it.  From this theory, the concept that man, like other animals on this planet had to evolve from a ‘more primitive’ form of it’s self, or in lay men terms… we came from monkeys.  And while the concept of genetic changes for adaptation have been not only proven and accepted as law, the idea of “great Evolution” has not been as fortunate.

 dna           For the purposes of our discussion, the change that lead man from being a monkey living in the trees and eating bugs to walking upright and beginning the process of oppressing his natural world shall be referred to as the “Great Evolution” as for this to have become possible, it would have required not just the change of the position of a thumb or the loss of hair (which as it is would have taken millions of millions of years) but the change of the entire DNA.  For if it was just time and a need to change for survival, all the animals on this planet would have in time developed some sort of frontal lobal changes, making them capable to survive and compete with the top of the food chain.  It is the lack of connection, the proverbial ‘missing link’ between us and our animal ancestor which allows for continued debate.  And the debate has two sides… those who think we just happened and those who think we were made. 


            Those who think we just happened feel that Man evolved over time, and the fossil record does leave evidence to support such a thought.  It shows us how over thousands of years, man changed, becoming less robust, brutish, and beast-like until we became the creature we identify as ‘man’ today.  Hell, other than for changes in our hygienic and medical care, it is believed by man that a ‘man’ or 2 or 3 thousand years ago could be brought forth into the 21st century and none would be the wiser.  Sure, due to better food and more important growing techniques which insure constant crops, we are probably bigger, stronger, and in general better health than our prehistoric brethren, but physically we are the same.  The only thing missing from the “just happened” crowd is that one fossil that shows the change.  The lack of such a fossil leaves the door open for a continued debate.  And the loudest of such debate comes from the “We were made” side of the isle.  In this group, the idea that we were made by a Supreme Being, a god if you will, for a purpose which we have yet to determine.  The majority of those on this side feel that the creation was brought about by God, creating Man in his image.  This is the basis of every major religion the world has ever known. 

            There is a divide in the intelligent design debate.  On the one side, there is the traditionalist perspective.  This is the idea that it was God alone who created Man from the clay and primordial ooze of the primitive Earth.  This school of thought is found mostly in religious schools of thought, and it is what most people claim to believe.  But there is another school of thought… one a little more out there.

 intelligentdesign           We made the evolutionary jump through the involvement of extraterrestrial intelligence… there I said it.  Now it is out there.  As silly and bizarre an idea as it may be, the concept that Man was indeed ushered into civilization by the influence (and possible genetic tampering) of extraterrestrial beings is a seemingly valid one in the “Intelligent Design” debate.  Of course, I will acknowledge that it is a fantastical and solely speculative theory, but it does have some merit.  Or at least it has enough to be thought about.  The ETD (ExtraTerrestrial Design) theory basically goes like this: 30000 or so years ago, an alien species from outer space fell upon Earth and upon it found with a brutish sort of trainable ape.  For whatever reason, this race of beings decided that helping us ‘make something of ourselves’, and taught us basically the keys to humyn survival… agriculture and animal husbandry.  These two actions are what kick started civilization, forcing the man-animal to abandon their nomadic ways settle… leaving more time for, oh I don’t know… building pyramids and other wonders in their honor.  Seems like a fair trade, right?  There are various perspectives in the ETD theory, ranging from humyns being created as some sort of alien slave farm to aliens acting as out Gods. 

            Imagine if you will, that you are a primitive man, wandering a vast field with your clan when you happen upon a man alien-genetics(or manlike being) that is dressed differently than you.  Armed differently (and more powerfully) than you.  They can fly using vehicles that move with nothing pulling them.  To a modern man of today, it would fill you with fear and ill ease.  And we understand the concepts of technology.  To a primitive man living in a cave or make shift hut having to wander by foot all over creation just to feed himself, this was a god.  It had to be!  Hells bells, to a primitive man, I would be a god, and that’s just because I carry a lighter in my pocket.  It is believed that the implied “Divine Influence” these interstellar beings held that lead to their rise of influence over our prehistoric ancestors.

            Karl Marx stated that religion is the opium of the masses, and while this is not a discussion to argue against religion, the influence of religion in the birth of civilization can not be denied.  Religion brought people together for worship, thus enforcing a concept of community.  It allowed for leaders to consolidate their hold and control of the people they subjugated by referencing a divine ‘king maker’ of sorts.