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Thom Acee looks into the Future...

The Visions of 2011

**Usually I do try and keep things light with my articles, but the visions I received were actually rather ominous (granted, it could have very well been due just as much to my month long disaster movie marathon as it was to the visions of the future...).  The following was written while conducting the "experiment".  It is broken up into four sections, one for each of the sessions I underwent.  Do not try this at home...**



For the United States, continued financial troubles will hamper the Nation during the first two quarters.

 There will be food riots in Mexico, and in Asia.

 Drought in China will lead to civil unrest and food riots later in the year.

 Crude Oil will cost 150/barrel y summer, raising the price of gasoline in the States to well over three bucks a gallon.  This will stall whatever economic recovery happened to get going on at the time.


Tensions in the Middle East will continue to grow as Iran moves closer to achieving their goals for creating an atomic weapon.  Look for an Israeli strike to the nation around Labor Day. 

The saber rattling between north and South Korea will continue to heighten. But it will not end in war.  Look for Kim Jung Il's son to be disposed of in a very quiet coup de tat by high ranking military generals tired of being at the whim of mad men.

The war in Afghanistan will become bloodier as the American installed government loses the favor of the people once stories about the widespread corruption of the current government begins to be a useful tool for the Taliban warlords trying to regain their power.

President Obama will see his popularity reach new lows, as will the newly elected Republican congress as American citizens become disillusioned with the current state of affairs in Washington DC.


Europe will continue to have civil unrest due to their crippled national economies.  Greece, Ireland, and England- already seeing such violent expressions of outrage- will see dramatic demonstrations in the streets that will get out of hand.  Look for the debt crisis to also affect the stability of the European Union as more well off nations begin to resent the fates of their people being bound to the fats of less well off ones.

 Not really a prediction, but I keep getting a strange feeling about something happening in the Pakistan/India area. Not sure what but something... just kind of got that feeling.

 A male A List celebrity will due surprisingly late in 2011.

There will be an increase in UFO sightings, including a very public one in a major European city in the first four months of the year.

Look for something devastating to occur in Moscow by midyear.


Examples of civil unrest will start to show in the US as well. Major cities hard hit by the crippled economy will boil over with outrage and anger during the hot summer months.

A major earthquake will hit St. Louis in the fall.

Sarah Palin will not run for the Presidency in 2012.

The winter will be especially brutal for North America.  Crippling blizzards will strike well into February in places where such weather isn't to be expected.

These are a few "human interest" answers I divined so it wasn't just a depressing list of doomsaying...

The Atlanta Falcons will win the Super Bowl.

Christopher Nolan will win the Oscar for "Best director" but The Social Network will take home the "Best Picture" award.

Lady Gaga will dispel all the rumors about her being a hermaphrodite by announcing to the world that she is pregnant in the late summer.


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