The Death of Free Speech...

6514b-badgeIt pains me to say what I am about to say… 

We’ve discussed this point time and again, pointing out the subtle slippery slope our countrymen were dragging us towards; ever increasing sensitivity to the words, images, and traditional thoughts that were once common in our American Culture. And now, officially, I think it is safe to say that Freedom of Speech is dead. And you stupid, stupid Progressives did it, getting drunk on the powers of fear and intimidation that their whining and demands for "tolerance" have wrought. 

Because thanks to your guys and your faberge egg self esteems, American freedom of speech is dead. 

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Thom Acee fights the Robot Invasion...

THOM-ACEEWe joke a lot on this site about the eminent replacement of Man by his mechanical creations.

And as with any good joke, in these Apocalyptic flights of fancy there is some truth to be had within them. 

And there is... The long storied history of human technological advancement is lined with the ashes of scrapped laborers and skills outmoded by the march of time. 

But we don't have to look to the wreckage left in the wake of the Industrial Revolution to see what waits for the under skilled of our society as we rely more and more on robots for our menial task. 

We have to look no further than our bedrooms. 

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Cletus T. Broshus: Prologue

ctb-logoSome Men are born great, others rise up to meet it head on… and then there are those who happen to be there selling dope when greatness knocks on the door in need of a favor…  

Meth, monsters, demigods, and hillbillies fill this tale of a man who has greatness thrust upon him. Will he have the power to rise up and meet it??? 

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Stems & Seeds: Duck Call to Arms

stems-seedsThe collective world seems to have lost its shit over the past few days over A&E's business decision to end it's association with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson. It's not all that uncommon a thing to occur... A television personality says or does something that raises the ire of a loud screaming minority group, forcing the hands of the corporate task masters...but this one seems to have struck an odd sort of nerve.

Why is it that the firing of this bearded man from the bogs of Louisiana has drawn such rancor? 

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Stems & Seeds: Gun Apathy

stem-and-seedI noticed something today…

It was subtle: I didn’t notice it right away. But the second it occurred to me that what happened happened, it set me back a little.

Another day, another school shooting…This one, a beef between two students in an Atlanta middle school.

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