Stems & Seed: Cunny Bane

st-seMy poor wife…

My poor, sweet, patient wife…

She puts up with my madness, this saintly woman… And for that I am a lucky man…

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Thom and a fat boy share a humiliation...

puppy-loveWe all remember those first few puppy loves we felt…

The head spinning, the clammy hands, the having your mind constantly on that special someone…

The terror of knowing you have something HUGE to tell them yet knowing there is no way you could ever get it out to them.

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Stems & Seeds: Florida Desert

Obama-620x426Sometimes the smoky muse brings with it madness... other times, brilliance.

Discerning between the two is your job.

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Stems & Seeds: The Inspirational Whore

LotLizardResizedTonight I raced home and sat down and started banging away at a story idea I have had bouncing inside of my heads for weeks.

And I did this after closing an account I had been working on for a few weeks as well as demanding my boss open the coffers to send a little more cheddar my way.

I did all of this due to the inspiration of one very special woman…

Perhaps the hardest working woman I have ever seen…

The truck lot hooker.

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The Five: Blaxploitation Flicks

the-five-9It would be remiss if this site did not take time out of our busy schedule of dick and ass jokes to reflect on Black History Month.

It is during this time of reflection where we as a country focus the spotlight on the contributions of African Americans on the American culture.

Today we are going to look at their contribution to film, in particular the genre of Blaxploitation.

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