Bachmann confused Elvis' birthday with his Death Day...

bachmann-cuteAfter a strong showing the Iowa Straw Poll over the weekend, it looked like for this week Rep., Michele Bachmann (Min) was the candidate to beat in the Republican primary.

Until she shot herself in the twat with this verbal gaff that may sink her with her Southern Tea Party supporters…

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What keeps Thom Acee up all night???

THOM-ACEEThis evening, while enjoying one of the last few nights my wife and I will share uninhibited by the self-centered cries of a newborn, a conversation sparked up between the two of us that left my wife feeling different than she was when she entered into it…

It all started innocently enough… my wife and I were seated in the drive thru of our local Mickey D’s preparing to feast upon $1.99 Happy Meals (not out of cheapness but rather a deep desire to collect all 16 of the lovable Smurf figures they are stuffing within the deep fried delights) when she asked me a question she never really asked me before…

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Thom Acee Chubby Chased...

THOM-ACEEThere are a whole lot of things about marriage that really is rather odd.

One of them is this whole “no secrets” thing.

Basically it is a promise you both make to one another that you will not keep anything from the other.

But it also means you have to give an honest answer to any stupid thought that crosses their minds.

This can be fraught with peril.

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Dr. Ape-Love (or why I am scared of Monkey Apocalypse...)

monkey-techono-art2For some reason the idea of apes one day rising up against Man has always been a concept that has somewhat tortured my mind…

Even as a boy I found myself tossing and turning at night, my mind racing over the idea that one day Man would do something that would end up giving over control of the world to our distant genetic cousins, the damn dirty apes.

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Thom Acee hippie dances down memory lane...

420-IA long time ago i figured out that the main tool of the establishment in helping to keep pot illegal was the oh so popular caricature of the typical stoner... 

That's right... the lovable stoner- flaky, curious yet delightfully dull-so wonderfully brought to life by Cheech and Chong (later revitalized by Harold and Kumar) was not just a brilliant comedic characterization but also a key cog in the demonetization of marijuana.

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