I'm ashamed of Americans (sometimes...)

NYCPillowFight2011-17362People are always asking me “Thom, why is a country as great as America seemingly doing a header right down the drain?  Is it Obama???  Those tight assed Republicans???”

And usually I come up with some easy to digest analogy about cycles of empires and changing winds of time... never really taking the thought past beyond that first superficial inch of thought because- well- it is hard to shine the light on truth with people unwilling to see reality for what it really is (in other words: your common Americans...). 

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Thom Acee hates Chemtrails...

THOM-ACEEMy wife, bless her square heart, could not give less of a shit about all this bizarre "end of the world brought about by Masters of the Universe types" bullshit that I seem to have devoted my time to studying (as opposed to say something like computer programming that might actually pay a fucking bill around here).
But while she really could care less, she does fain being the "good wife" from time to time and at least try to wrap her non-insane mind around whatever paranoid conspiracy theory has led me to wrapping my children's heads in aluminum foil.

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Girl on girl cuckolding is OK!!!

img-bs-top---rufus-cuckold_170933364471A recent University of Texas at Austin study , published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, has come to some interesting conclusions about the changing views of fidelity among our nation's youth.

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Top Five Apocalypses...

SkullCloudWe talk a lot about the end of the world on this website...

Hell, to be honest it is kind of hard not to...

The whole Middle East is on fire... The economy's collapsing before our very eyes...

With baited breath we sit by watching the nightly news, listening to a litany of atrocities and horrors unfold before us as those we elect to lead us seem more concerned with picking over the scraps of what's going to be left than preventing these events from unfolding.

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Thom Acee looks into the Future...

THOM-ACEEAt the end of the year, it is customary for websites (as well as other publications) to get a hold of a local gypsy or soothsayer and have her take a glance into the ethers of time to see what the future might hold for us, as a people.  So when my partners in this little endeavor came to me and suggested that maybe we do an article like that, it didn't strike me as odd.

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