TSA themed tasteful nudes!!!!!

9-11_Truth_1Usually, the last thing you think of when you think of "9/11 Truthers" is a solid sense of satire...

Loose grip on reality and maybe a tad bit too much mistrust of their government, sure...

But not really a good sense of humor.

But not after today.

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A thought on Intelligent Design....

 mal-leo           Since the first man-animal was able to scratch into stone his first questions of life, Man has been searching for answers to his questions.  It is as though it is in our DNA to wonder what our purpose on this planet is.  We seem to be unable to disconnect our existence with a purpose, as though the idea of a random existence, the set result of a cosmic allergic reaction, seems improbable to our minds.  Man has to be needed for something.  But what?  It is these questions that have burned in the hearts and minds of Man since way before back in the day.  Man is a creature who is granted both the greatest gift and burden of any animal upon this planet.  We can think… or better put we can reason.  It is the ability to reason, or think something out, that has made Man the master of his environment… the top of the food chain.

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Chile combats woman beating!!!

BeatingApparently the South American nation of Chile has gotten itself a new national pastime...

Wife beating. 

In fact it has become so popular that the Chilean Minister of the National Woman's Service, a Mrs. Carol Schmidt Zaldivar, is kicking off an aggressive new campaign to try and stomp out the horrific social trend.

And she even has a great slug line to sell it...

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Fat chicks in denial could bring about end of human race...

www.teesforall.com_images_Family_Guy_No_Fat_Chicks_Gray_ShirtA recent study from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston has just proven a theory that I have been espousing for quite some time now...

Some chicks really have no idea just how fat they are.

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Thom Acee talks bullies...

THOM-ACEEThere has been a lot of talk lately about bullying.

a recent rash of young people killing themselves, their traumatic forays with bullies often cited as the main reason for their doing so, has brought about a public outcry for people to stand as one against bullying (because, sadly, there are so many in our nation that feel so good about bullying you see...).

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