I-dosing is the new drug sweeping the nation???

ipoddanceThere is a new drug out there and apparently it is becoming a cause for concern for the parents of Oklahoma (as well as anywhere the internet reaches) teenagers.

Funny thing is, this is not a drug that you smoke, drink, eat, or snort…

This is a drug that you listen to…

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Why Chocolate is better than Women...

chocolipsSo the other day I get home from work in hear my broad busting a seam while looking at something on the computer. Loving a good laugh, I was curious as to what my wife was seemingly losing her mind over.

It wasn't a new YouTube video or a nice e-mail joke that was making the rounds that managed to coax an undeserved laugh due to being at the right place at the right time, but a very unfunny list.

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Thom Acee and his illspent youth...

THOM-ACEEDrugs.  As big a part of our culture as Apple Pie, Baseball, and dressing prepubescent grrls up like whores for the entertainment of the public.  Legal or illegal, no matter what part of the culture you find yourself in, “getting your mind right” is a top priority.  It is as natural a part of the humyn experience as having sex or making a nice BM. 

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The future's so bright...

tom-cruiseA poll taken by the Pew Research Center for the People and The Press/Smithsonian Magazine has found some interesting things about the American view of the future.

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Five Great Mustaches...

mustacheThe mustache.

The manliest of all the facial hair variations, there is just something special about a man who rocks a proper 'stashe.  A manly kind of man.

Men will awe after a man with a proper mustache... women will lust after it. 

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