The Hall of Flames!!!!

ValhallaFor a while, we at The Weekly Constitutional have been thinking about just how we were going to commemorate April the 20th on site.  As we are sure loyal readers of our site know, while many topics are covered by this site, none of them receive the kind of attention that the unjust prohibition of marijuana is given.

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The 7 Deadly Sins, are you doomed?

7deadlysinsThere are seven sins that can land you in hell, but they are so easy to commit we don’t even give them a second thought.  What are the Seven Deadly sins? They are sloth, greed, envy, pride, lust, gluttony, and wrath.  

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Why facebook is better than TV...


social-networksAs social networking sites have become more prevalent in the culture, there comes a time when we- not just as individuals, but as a society- have to come to some sort of understanding as to what is cool and what isn't cool to put on said sites. 

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Top ten Animated chicks...

watercolorGrowing up, who among us didn't have that yearning to dabble in a little watercolor when watching some of the cartoons we grew up watching in the mid 80s.  buxom, aggressive, and always exhibiting a raw sexuality that even a six year old confused by the stirring in his dungarees cold comprehend, these "women" were my fantasies before I had any idea what those fantasies were.

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Top Ten Biggest Entertainment Stories of 2009....


2009Every hack website out there does their own retrospective on just what they feel were the year's biggest news stories..And our hack website is no different.

So please to be enjoying our view of the Top Ten Biggest Entertainment Stories of 2009....

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Gay Marriage....

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