Have c*nt, will travel

unemployed womanIf I am to believe in this so called “War on Women” that America seems to be waging, there are legions of women out there in dire need of a gig.

But after the commercial I came across today, I have no idea as to why because apparently, as long as you figure out a way to sell something other than the sex, you can totally sell cunny.

Check out this ad for Miss Travel, a company that basically is trading sex for trips, cash, and prizes.

Congrats America… We have become the Ukraine.

We may not be able to find it financially lucrative to open up factories and store fronts, but apparently the pussy trade is booming.

Seems like a fair deal, no???

Keep yourself together, be good looking, and wink, winkhave a good time “with the gentleman paying for all of this and you will be rewarded with gifts and the sort.


And we all got that the whole point of this is exchanging sex for stuff, right???

And the best part is, this will just be the beginning…

Give it maybe six months and there will be a low rent version of this site, where fart chicks with a willingness for third input get connected with long haul truckers needing a little company on those long lonely stretches…

I guess this is what Rome was like when it was falling… scary but the sex was easy.


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