I wanna.. clean carpets????

stanley-steemer-couponsImagine my shock when the worst thing on my television isn’t Dance Mom: Miami (a show that has sucked me in)…

While letting a commercial run while I got myself a bowl of ice cream, I was horrified to hear what I thought was a bad parody of a hair metal song.

What I found was a lot worse…

Check out Twisted Sister selling out to the Man:

I am not sure exactly who I am madder at with this commercial… or even if I am mad at all…

I don’t think I should be stunned to see my heroes remove any glimmer of doubt that money is the only motivating factor…

Not by this time.

I’ve seen Hulk Hogan hawk literal shit for decades.

I saw George Foreman make more money selling a waffle iron for meat than he ever made beating grown men within an inch of life.

I know celebrities are whores and will eventually sully any ounce of integrity for a couple of bucks.


So the fact that I saw Dee Snyder, Twisted Sister if you will (as the rest of those men I couldn’t name if my sweet P-nut’s life depended on it), is shilling carpet cleaning for Stanley Steamer somehow seems wrong to me.

I know it shouldn’t.

These are hard times… And as that dogshit reality show of his proved, he has a lot of mouths to feed..

And let’s face it… the big name bands who can actually draw are having to gather in groups of two or more in order to sell tickets to concerts.

Think Twisted Sister is putting asses in the seats like it was ’82?


5 nearing retirement age drag queen screaming about pissing off your dad while strutting in high heels… Hard to imagine that not being a crowd draw…

But alas, it evidently isn’t…


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