Dude... Bro... UFO...

aliens-ufo-greys-mothershipApparently, on July 8th 2012, there was a cluster of unidentified lights seen hovering over the skyline of Los Angeles.

And out of the millions (and millions) of Los Angelinos carrying cell phones with cameras built into them in their pockets, the roving bands of scumbag photographers willing to do anything to get ‘the Picture’, and the countless other video recording devices (be they security or Hollywood0 floating around in that city, our only documentation of this event was from a pack of dude bros.

Check it out but be warned… Douchebaggery is afoot…

Duuuuuuude… Broooooooo….

For some reason, these guys don’t lead me to believe that our civilization is in the best of hands with these jerk offs being responsible for that ever douchebagso important “First Contact”.

Hell, those maniacs in Harlem who were motherfucking the UFO they saw in their ‘hood a few months back would be better for that job.

But no… Instead of Humanity’s best and brightest making that crucial “first impression” we get a murder of douchebaggery, no doubt trading hi-fives in order to still their excited beating hearts. We deserve our fate.

As for the video itself, it does show a strange cluster of lights which you really do think- for a second or two anyways- is UFOs flying hither and yon in the California wilderness. But then, they reference the helicopters flying into the shot and within seconds all those UFO fantasies of surviving an interspecies battle get dashed knowing that our UFOs are nothing more than the fallout of some gang related shooting spree.


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