Fat girl lashes out when guy denies having sampled her wares...

fat-bananaWhat next???? Mopeds with automatic Facebook updates????

There used to be an unwritten rule between the hideous and morbidly obese and those who decided to bite the bullet and give 'em a good one 'fer.

But apparently that is all gone now as the fat women of the world have taken to the Youtubes to get their message out to the world.

Tfat_woman_exercisehey may be fat. And horrific to see naked. And easy to get into bed.

But they WILL NOT be denied the dignity of you admitting to your friends and family that you fed them the ol' tube steak.

Check out the chubby chick letting the world know that- among other thing- this guy's jizz tasted like warm salty biscuits. Enjoy!


 ... And all that nasty stuff between her mama's legs....


And just like that the whole world changed.

With this woman's fat little fingers navigating that curser to the upload tab, she managed to change the sexual dynamic for the rest of the Western fat-girl-belly08World.

Because who wants it known that they banged around a fat box in a time of need...

Sure, it’s something we have all done... taken the easy road when the little hand started getting closer to three and the desire to shoot yet another load of shame onto your belly just seemed unbearable.

And who wouldn't???? It’s not like you are deciding to fuck a dog or anything…

Fat chicks can be a ton of fun, and this most crazy ass bitch Autumn seems to be no different.

They work harder. Put in some time into forming a personality (because fat sloppy utters and a chubby face will only get you so far in life). And, at least up until this moment, were thought to be in on the arrangement.

And this arrangement isn't all that secret a deal...

It is an understood pact between men and the conventionally unfuckable (amputees, cripples, the ugly, and last but not least, the obese) whereby the Men will make the sex with them in return for privacy in the matter, lest the men’s friends discover their moment of carnal weakness and tease them mercilessly for it.

And now motherfucking Autumn has gone and fucked it up for everyone.

clinton-monicaThink the Leader of the Free World decided that letting some fat intern suck his dick was the right idea because she had him so steamed up that he just couldn’t help but risking his entire life's work on one dalliance????

No! He had his fling with her because she was there, available, willing, AND UNDERSTOOD THE NEED FOR DISCRESSION.

And not just from his wife... you think he wanted to join the ranks of cuckolding Commanders in Chiefs- a line of men including Jefferson, with his proclivities for the dark meat, and Kennedy, who put Marilyn Monroe on the Marilyn-Monroe-9412123-4-402rotisserie with his brother Bobby while letting Mimi Beardsley give his chief of staff a ball bath with her tongue- with a fat giggling dullard????

The man was President! He could have whomever he wanted, but what he wanted most of all was the peace of mind implied within the social pact men have made with the traditionally unfuckable.

But now Autumn, no doubt hurt in this denial of her services rendered because- as we all know- she is going out of her way to suck the boys up, is making a stand, turning her back on a millenia of intersexual evolution…

She will not be ignored.

fatgirlAnd there is no doubt about that.

She wants the world to know that she sucked Zack off.

And she will no doubt breed followers…

So bear this in mind, next time you find yourself hanging around the bar at close to closing making eyes at some creature no one had ever thought of fucking just because you don’t feel like going home alone…

If you don’t want the world to know about it, it might be better off to do it yourself.


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