Drunky Monkey

monkey-beerBaby Chimps can make anything look cute...

Even alcoholism.

Check out our primate cousin lose his shit whenever those cruel zoo keepers tell him when to say when…

Rise of the Apes

It is easy for us to lose our soft Western minds while watching this movie…


And why the HELL wouldn’t we be???

It’s an adorable baby chimp drinking forties.

And these sick bastards are taking joy in not only making the beast into a miserable drunk but then taunting it by taking away its mediDanger_Chimpscine as it is getting its fix.

But we have to look at it through the cultural minds of our brown brothers the world over…

For them, this isn’t just some cute fuzzy genetic cousin that they can train to do tricks and wear people clothes… It is the next highest evolutionary rung in their ecosystem.

It’s competition.

It’firewaters impractical to exterminate them (let’s not forget… they are damned adorable…), but something must be done to “control” them.

So these devils decided that instead of killing off the fuzzy devils, they would just get them hopelessly hooked on the fire water…

Just like we did with the American Indian.


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Gay Marriage....

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