Great Bigfoot Videos...

SasquatchtheLegendofBigfootIn an interest to generate some eyes to their television program (Finding Bigfoot, Sundays at 10 pm EST on Animal Planet), the good people of Finding Bigfoot have been sharing with the world some of their amazing viewer submitted "evidence" as to the existence of the mythical being (and understand, they are convinced that the Beast isn't a myth needing be proved but rather an elusive being that we need to study and better understand).

Needless to say, instead of working on my novel or playing with my children, I have spent the past three hours- freshly cleaned pipe in hand- watching some of their great videos…

And I figured I'd share them with you…

So, without further ado… In the full understanding as to how lazy an article this is… I present to you…



The greatest Bigfoot videos I have ever seen!!!!!


(A quick note: that isn't some hyperbolic title I pulled out of my ass… these are no joke the best videos I have ever seen of a Bigfoot. Also, this is just a swathing of the videos that the Finding Bigfoot people are sharing with the world. If you wanna get your mind blown and burn out three hours three to ten minutes at a time, then just follow the links...)

Video #1: Camper captures Bigfoot, 9/6/12

Starting this list out with a huge BANG… Without a doubt, some of the clearest images you will ever see of the Beast. You can easily make out the face, auburn hair, and massive shoulder muscles that the Creature is believed to have. Only real knock I have found was that if anything it looked "too real" (something I have always thought would hurt any real good video of Bigfoot or a UFO… If it looks too much like we think- collectively- that something will look like, then we will no doubt brush it off as nothing more than a clever CGI.

Video #2: Stacy Brown Video

Just when you fall in love with the crystal clarity of that first video, the good folks at Finding Bigfoot bring us back to something we have seen before… grainy far off shots of amorphous blobs. It's an interesting video, and the Finding Bigfoot people really try and make a 26 minute and 15 second case for it being a legit video of the Woodland creature by using other images and clips of the creature. Personally, it didn’t blow up my skirt, but it's interesting enough to share it with the group.


Video #3: Pennsylvania White Bigfoot

Taken in 2010 by an Anonymous poster to the Youtubes, this little beauty shows two clear (for a Bigfoot) shots of the legendary beast (including a frightening full face shot). Sadly though, the video is shot in the dark (clearly though)with only a small flashlight to brighten the way. Cool, but annoying.


Video #4: Marble Mountain Bigfoot

A classic, coming out of 2001, shows a group of youths out in the woods relaxing when they happen upon the shadow of a Bigfoot on a distant mountain peak just off in the horizon. The video holds the designation of being the longest period of time ina Bigfoot's life captured by a camera (mainly cause the monster was too far away to notice he was being filmed).

This one feels like a work to me… in my gout riddled bones, I can feel the hood being pulled over my eyes as I watch this shadowy figure traipse about with nary a care in the world but I am desperate to believe. It's this same sort of willingness to believe that has gotten me cheated on by every single woman (prior to my wife) that I have ever been involved with…

Video #5: Crippled Bigfoot!!!!!

The My Left Foot of the Bigfoot world… This is a great video, shot in 2011, of a family having a great time sledding… having no idea that from the ridge line just above them, two crippled Sasquatches are watching them for some reason…

The Finding Bigfoot folks allege that the gait of the Sases seemed gimped a little, as though they had suffered an injury or stroke.