Never f**k with a Trannie...

TickedOffTranniesPoster-1In our society, there are no two more vilified creatures than the trannies and the frat boys. The hyper extremes of their respective social groups, these two units are just a war waiting to happen... hyper-aggressive, booze fueled frat boys and the strange, violent, mascu-fem world of the transsexual. 

It was only a matter of time before the internet brought us this epic battle (which you can see any weekend on the streets of Key West, New Orleans, Ybor City, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, ect ect ect) of two of Nature's most likely opponents...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you..."Frat Boy vs. Trannie"

"How do you know I'm White? I'll press charges..."

First things first, I think the lesson here that should be learned and remembered by cocksure frat boys the world over (and really any younglings just getting out into the real, real world) is that you don't fuck with trannies. 


You don't fuck with them. You don't fight with them. If they wanna fuck with you, smile and walk in the other direction. 

You do that because trannies have been fighting every single night of their glamorous, high heeled lives and they all carry razors. They have nails filed like blades and travel in packs of angry, battle hardened men in dressed with their cocks stuffed into tight cads (to keep the bits n' pieces stuffed away until it's time for the Big Reveal) that are just looking for an excuse to unload on some dumb asshole looking to go over on what the traditional male ego would assume to be an easy, defenseless target. 

workaholicsSpeaking of the asshole, FSU Tommy or whatever this sombrero donning dickbag is going as, who wouldn't want to kick this rich boy's ass... Short pants, suit coat, the Cole Haas (lest we forget), and doing a bad impression of the least likable member of the Workaholics cast, 

Serves this fucking jag-off right. 

That said, you have to tip your hat at the dickbag. He may have been running his mouth but he he kept talking shit through out (even after getting horse collared by a trannie in a ravishing red sparkly number and ending up on the losing end of a fire stomping), not to mention the post fight interview he granted our shockingly thorough videographers, @NinoBreez and @Trey_Cause.

Speaking of the videographers, a word or two about them...

They did an amazing job in catching this gem, kept the action in focus throughout to the best of their ability, followed the action when it changed locations, and made sure to get close enough to capture every poorly thrown insult being slung to and fro. In fact, in every single way this video could have been perfect... except that these dumb motherfuckers shot it in portrait. 

Why... Why fucking portrait? 

You already had the camera out and were being less than discrete about the whole thing... Why not just commit to your role as video journalist and shoot the damn thing in horizon! 

Makes no sense... no sense at all...  


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