How much longer must our Nation be embarrassed?!?!

shamed-libertyHere it is...not a week since I made my call out on this very website to have this unsingable Anthem changed into a lovely, moving instrumental (preferably an electric guitar but lately the idea of an acoustic guitar being accompanied by a lonely banjo seems sort of right) when low and behold...another example of the butchery that usually attributed with a singing of this song. 

This time the song was butchered before the Portland v Halifax  game for the 2013 Memorial Cup by Alexis Normand because she forgot every flipping word between “Oh say can you see” and “... Home of the Brave”. 

So please give it a listen and afterwards call you Representative and your Senators, and sign our petition (link below) to have travesties such as this from ever happening again. 

Do it for your country. 


If you want to sign our petition to have the Anthem changed (yes, i was being serious about that... this wasn’t some half cocked pot fueled act of random lunacy... this has been a bug up my ass for a long time), please click this link:

and follow the directions that follow. We need 99,999 signatures and every signature (even the ones done as a goof) counts. 

It’s your country people... have a voice in how it is presented to the world... 


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