A Junkie Christmas

junkie-christmasChristmas isn't just the time of year where well intentioned elves, too busy doing Santa’s work to bother making sure they don't trample a five year old to death in their charge towards the Tickle Me Elmos lining the shelves or of syrupy sweet songs painting a Rockwellian picture of a lofty ideal for this day…

It is also the time for holiday specials. 

We have all sat beholden to the glowing box, watching the shitty claymations and half-assed cartoons based solely on songs written by marketers bent on stealing this holiday’s sacred soul by filling us with the message of toys, presents, consume. They speak of obese myths and overworked fantasy, toiling away in their frozen Hell in order to reward compliance to a rather vague set of requirements for compliance. 


But finally… our secular shit of a society has sent forth a Christmas special that will surely leave you filled to the brim with that holy message for the day… of self-sacrifice and a love for your fellow man. 


All from the brilliant mind of William S. Borroughs…


My friends, I proudly present to you “A Junkie’s Christmas”….


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