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"Jill gets her Rag" Part One...

moreyouknowAhhh... from what people tell me the 1970s were a swinging time where the sex was clean, the drugs were cheap, and mentally handicapped children were not left to their own devices to discover those oh so messy parts to the "miracle of life"...

Now I am not sure if the fact that I really laughed my ass off to this video is the sign that my drug addictions and late night boozing have finally gotten the better of me, or if I am in fact  a heartless son of a bitch who only gets pleasure in the misery of others.

jill-n-sisSo I will let you be the judge... Behold, I give you a touching film I like to call "Jill gets the Rag"; a touching tale about a little girl names Jill, whose down syndrome does not do anything to stop her insatiable appetite to learn all things menstruation.

you'll laugh... you'll cry... you'll hear a retarded girl talk more about her menstrual cycle than you ever thought you would.  And this is just the first part!!!!



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