Super Sunday's Super Ads...

jaydaveoprahWhile the world is still getting past the 15 second spot during the super Bowl featuring the embattled Jay Leno and David Letterman being refereed by Oprah, we at the Constitutional would like to take time to reflect on some of the other Super Bowl ads that got us to chuckle.

After all, at three million dollars for thirty seconds of ad space it is the least that we can do...

alg_ad_snickers_betty-white- Betty White Snickers commercial-

Living fossils Betty White and Abe Vegota dust themselves off and prove tot h world that they are in fat alive and working still.  While the ad was funny ad I remembered it the next day, it is important to note that while I remembered the ad, I had no idea who it was made for until I started writing this piece.


etrade-baby1- E-trade "Jealous girlfriend"-

For over a year now, the smart talking wheeling and dealing toddler has been delighting football fans with his witty one liners and business acumen.  But in this installment of the commercial series (one of two for E-Trade, though the other one, while being very good, was normal for E-Trade) we find the E-Trade baby caught between two women.  The usage of the word "Milkahalic" made me show my teeth.

green-police-Audi "Green Police"-

Viewed by many on the right side of the political spectrum as an eerie view of the environmentally conscious Orwellian path we are on, Audi's ad featuring cops in green uniforms kicking in doors and arresting people for crimes against the environment (or being green).  Set to a parody of Cheap Trick's "Dream Police", the ad might have been the funniest one of the night if it wasn't so damned terrifying...

intel_logo- Intel "Lunchroom"-

 An insensitive employee at the Intel factory declares the invention of Intel's newest processor as he great thing the company had ever created, much to the chagrin of the company's fully interacting helper-bot.  Not as funny as last year's car building robot suicide commercial but entertaining none the less.

sbbtn_t_65472365001- Doritos "Play Nice"-

Despite the slightly racist tones of the commercial, the kid going all romper stomper on some stud after he steals one of his Doritos and checks out his mom's ass (which was quite nice, I might add...) got some real laugh out of me.  Doritos had plenty of commercials on during the Super Bowl ads, but this one was their funniest (a close second was the Doritos samurai).

Honorable mention goes to the dog using a bark training collar on  his owner, the Dwight Howard/ Lebron James dunk contest (a remake of the classic Michael Jordan/Larry Bird game of HORSE for  Big Mac), as well as to the spot featuring the pants less office during Casual Friday

116104-danicapatricklAlso for the record, I personally am tired of the whole Go Daddy Danica Patrick sex sells nonsense.  The ads were not funny the first time, and they are not funny now.  beyond that, while Danica is a cutie, can we start being honest both with ourselves and with the rest of the world and finally acknowledge that she is not the white hot supernova of sex appeal the ads try and market her as.  She is hot for a race car driver sure... but to say she is among the hottest broads in the world is a bit of a stretch.  Something tells me that the people trying to sell us on the elfin eared Patrick might be the same pack of silly geese who tried to sell us on the "sex appeal' of the 200 pound Queen Latifa.