Chimp rapes frog...

FunnyChimpIs there anything a chimp can't make funnier...

For the longest time, my wife and I have been having an ongoing argument over whether or not, in the right situation, even rape could be funny.

And for the longest time I found myself on the losing end, finding it rather hard to find the punch line in rape.

But then I came across this gem on my Twitter (@Thomacee) and finally had the ammunition I had been searching oh so hard for.

It is a video taken a few years ago, at the Honolulu Zoo, featuring a young chimpanzee prying open a frog's mouth and, well, raping it.

Have a gander...

Well... ain't nature grand.

I am not sure about you folks, but that video certainly does get me thinking of a few things (and no, one of them was not putting "Finding a frog to have sex with" on the top of my To-Do list).

For one thing, while I do know that chimpanzees were capable of "making" very simple tool kits in order to get food, I had no idea that they were this advanced.  To think that some monkey in Hawaii actually figure out how to turn a frog into a Box-O-Twat.  That's pretty advanced.

If they can do that, just think of what else they might be capable of doing... or worse, what they would use us for once the chimps rise up and conquer this planet.


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