Redneck drunk calls 911 on Bigfoot...

harryandthehendersonsRegular readers of this website know that I report on Bigfoot sightings.

While it would be something that one would be all in on, turns out I really do have an issue with the whole "Bigfoot Legend".  I think it might be the oh so critical eye witnesses...

So check this out.

A self proclaimed North Carolina mountain man calls 911 on June 15 because he believes he sees a Bigfoot in his yard.

  Check out the report on this story, courtesy of CNN...

See why I have such a problem with the whole Bigfoot thing???

The guy is a blithering drunken moron.

He didn't see Bigfoot.  For all we know, he was at a park chasing blonde haired joggers wiggling his dick at them screaming "GIT!" as loudly and as proudly as he could.

Hell, the only reason this fucking report made it on to CNN is because of the very fact that this man is a drunken buffoon.  If he was a well spoken and articulate man, he would be laughed at and ignored (just as thousands of credible witnesses to things like Bigfoot, UFOs, and the sort tend to be).  But because this guy was a four hundred pound sack of inarticulate shit with a horrific case of the flop sweats, he's the lead story on CNN (as well as this very website and every radio morning show in America).

He’s a star now; the white trash version of the "Alabama Leprechaun" video.


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