Videos about the Gulf Oil Disaster...

20545I swear folks… I really am not trying to be a fear monger or anything. 

While researching the last article on the situation going on in the Gulf of Mexico, I came across a few pieces of media that I thought would complement the piece.  But as that article got longer and longer, I thought that to add videos essentially saying the same thing would just be overkill.

But I also feel that they need to be put out there for people to see, as they do have some important things to say about the ever worsening conditions going on out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Video #1:

More proof of methane in the Gulf…

This is an audio clip (one of nine actually, with the rest being linked at the end of the clip) from Coast to Coast with George Noory featuring genius crackpot Richard C. Hoagland talking about the methane build up in the Gulf and the worse case scenarios attached to this environmental disaster.

Video #2:

Helping out can kill you…

Apparently oil spills don’t just kill fish and birds…

CNN reported that there is no one alive anymore that worked on the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.  The expert in this clip also states that the life expectancy of anyone who worked on the cleanup effort in that mess was only 51 years of age.

Video #3:

BP: Evil Company of blood sucking corporate monsters?

This is a clip of Keith Oberman from two weeks ago reporting on the British Petroleum efforts to shuffle the blame for a recent string of illnesses beginning to pop up all over the Gulf coast region. 


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