Too Soon???

korman-familyFor some reason, the whole world has been losing their minds over a rather clever YouTube video (allegedly) made by Australian artist Jane Korman.

The video is of Korman’s 80 year old Holocaust survivor father, a Mr. Adole Kohn, as well as other members of her family kormandancing to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” on the grounds of Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi era Jew Death camp.

Check it out, won’t you???


Work Will Set You Free…

the-front-gate-of-auschwitz-birkenau-concentration-camp-the-slogan-arbeit-macht-frei-translates-as-e2809cwork-will-set-you-freee2809dMaybe it is just me, but I really do not see what everyone has a bug up their ass about…

What exactly is so bloody wrong with this video? 

Mr. Kohn, a man who happened to survive the Nazi atrocities, decided that it might be a fun idea to make a silly video of him basically giving Hitler a raspberry and the rest of us feel he was out of line?

Might this just yet another example of the hypersensitive culture that seems to have been running rampant in the Western world knee jerking the second something that challenges their sensibilities comes along?

auschwitz If a guy- a guy who was actually housed within the walls of that dreaded Death Camp and probably witnessed countless horrific things there- does not seem to have an issue with the video then I really do not know why the fuck the rest of us all have our panties all in a bunch over.


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